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Wanting to source wholesale or drop ship products from Barrie? You will find the latest trade show and wholesale events for sourcing all your products.

City: Barrie, Canada



Population: 181,250



Barrie Fall Home Show

Barrie, Canada

Furniture, Furniture Supplies & Furniture Hardware

Date: 6th September 2014 to 7th September 2014

Barrie Fall Home Show is held at Bradford Greenhouses, Barrie with a focus on Furniture, Furniture Supplies & Furniture Hardware. The Barrie Fall Home Show is one of the leading trade shows for the people of Barrie. It will offer an excellent opportunity to various renowned business experts and professionals who are engaged in o... more

Bmc Christmas Arts & Crafts

Barrie, Canada

Gifts, Crafts, Antiques & Handmade Decoratives

Date: 7th November 2014 to 9th November 2014

BMC Christmas Arts & Crafts is held at Dayton International Airport, Barrie with a focus on Gifts, Crafts, Antiques & Handmade Decoratives. BMC Christmas Arts & Crafts is a 3 day event being held from 7th November to the 9th November 2014 at the Barrie Molson Centre in Barrie, Canada. This event showcases products like pottery, stained gl... more

Fashion Accessories Show & Sale

Barrie, Canada

Fashion Accessories

Date: 5th April 2014 to 6th April 2014

Fashion Accessories Show & Sale is held at Tangle Creek Golf & Country Club, Barrie with a focus on Fashion Accessories. Fashion Accessories Show & Sale will be held for a period of two days in Barrie, Canada. This expo will give an opportunity to the attendees those who are health conscious to get familiar with many di... Fashion Accessories Show & Sale will be attended by manufacturers and suppliers of jewelry, apparel, beauty products, fashion related product and accessories. They can build good business relationships with their potential customers by attending this expo. more