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A New Hoo: The Hot New Look of

Hi guys,

I'm so excited about our new site finally going live! For us at the SaleHoo HQ, it's been 12 months of concept building, upgrading, coding, developing... and redeveloping - and for me personally,  a lot of writing! Here's just some of the things I love about it:

It's pretty!

The first thing you will notice is the site's clean, bright and fresh new look. We know that looks aren't meant to matter, and it's what's inside the counts - but we can't help but be smitten with the new SaleHoo; it's easy to navigate, it's designed for today's larger screens,... and it's just plain pretty!

Our new and improved Research Lab: Built with tomorrow's PowerSeller in mind

We've given our Research Lab a complete overhaul and made it even easier for you to find money-grabbing niches. With its great new features, your market research is made easy. Here are just a couple of things the exciting new Research Lab can do:

  • Instantly compare supply and demand of a product - no more buying 200 units of a complete dud!
  • Suggest alternative related niches to sell when you search for items
  • Save and compare up to 5 different niches at any one time to see which is the most promising!
  • Unearth need-to-know data like the average sale price and current sell-through rate of items displayed in easy-on-the-eye graphs so you can see at a glance which products are on the way up... or on the way out

It keeps you in the loop

Don't wanna miss a thing? You're safe! Every time you log in, our super smart site will fill you in and keep you in the loop on all the new stuff going on around the site. This is super handy for keeping up to date with what is going on in the forum. You'll stay up to date with all the ideas and advice being thrown around by fellow members.

You can also personalize you account by adding your favorite suppliers, searches and categories.

It's even more reliable than ever

We even improved on our already iron-clad supplier verification process. From now on, all suppliers face additional steps to have their contact details verified. This lessens the chances of you finding any broken supplier website links, or sending an email to an old, non-existent address. Yep, we are all about saving you time.

Our new Supplier Directory search function rivals Google's!

The new search function gives you more accurate search results so that you can hone in on suppliers who best meet your needs. You can now search by country so you can find things in your hood. Or, you can swoop in on Chinese suppliers to get all the rock-bottom price bargains, or source some unique never-seen-before-on-eBay items from Thailand.

Phew! That's a lot of changes. I could keep listing them, but I have to run - we are celebrating our successful new site with beer and pizza!

P.S We are super excited to hear your thoughts on our new and improved site. Tell me what you love, and what you think we need to keep working on by leaving a comment below. Remember, if you don't tell us, we can't help!  


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Dmitry Voronkov on 12:52 13 Mar
Bon appetite Alice ;))) Looking forward to test new stuff. For sure - it looks awesome, just for my 22" LCD baby... Keep up the good work! on 0:03 14 Mar
Hi Alice, Hope the beer and pizza party was all you hoped it would be. I' m about to take the site for a test drive and will report back to you on my experiences attempting to navigate same. I will re-contact you via e-mail or direct phone if possible. I recognize and admire your enthusiasm. With Best regards, Chris Shaw
Chris Shaw on 1:53 14 Mar
Ease of navigation greatly improved. Best regards, Chris What kinda pizza & Beer????
April910p on 22:02 14 Mar
Hi everyon at This site came up in my search on this subject I am researching. So I just wanted to say hi to everybody.Great to see some real content on a forum for once instead of the normal crap I have been reading.
Maureen Mitchell on 1:32 15 Mar
Since the upgrade, I'm now back to being a Junior member when I was already a "master" member in the old layout. However, even though nobody could accuse me of being a "junior", I'm quite enjoying it. Also, my carefully cropped portrait has disappeared. I've found that when websites are "improved", they always get worse or more diffikcult to navigate. LOL
ken hanna on 20:13 15 Mar
Hello I am new to this and a little confussed lol.Could someone be nice enough to point me in the direction of some reliable companys to get my stock.Hope you can help me.Thanks
Alice Delore on 20:26 15 Mar
Hi ken hanna,

Welcome to SaleHoo!

What is it in particular you are wanting to sell?
Simon Slade on 1:44 16 Mar
@Maureen Should be all sorted now, your back to being a Master of SaleHoo! Wahoo :)
flemmingSundra on 6:54 16 Mar
Want to thank you from Cyprus I have already be able tolearn from this great community it is a long time since I visited on this board the first time, each time it is a suprise. cheers I really hope to be able to stay for a long time.
Layegever on 8:00 16 Mar
I'd like to say hi im new here i've been lurking around for the past few weeks and finally decided to join up. i see how everyone is contribuiting to one another and help others out i hope to do the same. just thought i just swing a warm hello!
joshnayan on 20:00 17 Mar
Hi, everyone, I just joined salehoo, I've been looking for nintendo wii, ipod touch or iphone suppliers but all I found were scammers. I found this website and decided to join after some research. Please help me if anyone found a reliable suppliers. thanks.
Lyndon Irvine on 21:05 17 Mar
Hi All. I'm new to Salehoo. I gotta say I love the new look. I joined last week just before the new look went live. Its amazing. It is easier to navigate and by observation even faster. Looking forward to a long lasting and prosperous relationship with you guys. Thanks for all your hard work and efforts.
Alice Delore on 21:46 17 Mar
Hi Lyndon,

Welcome to SaleHoo! Our designers will be very pleased to hear that their easy-to-navigate and fast-loading site is what got you on board :)

It's great to have you here. Remember if you have any questions or need some help, just drop our support team a line at or ask a question on the forum.


That's a shame that all you could find is scam sites. Unfortunately, it's so common when you are looking for popular wholesale items such as iPods. Thankfully, you have come to the right place.

One of the reasons it is so hard to find reputable suppliers for these items is because they are very difficult for anyone to source. For example, Apple requires you to buy a minimum of $100,000 dollars of their products per year in order to be an authorized reseller.

I suggest that you start out by selling something a little more user-friendly such as iPod accessories or Nintendo Wii games or accessories.

Here are a couple of SaleHoo verified suppliers you can try out:

Good luck!

Maureen Mitchell on 1:28 18 Mar
All sorted now. I'm a "master" again. Come on new members, upload a picture and show us your face. It's not a beauty contest (obvious from my picture) so just let's all have a look at you.
Sydney Chiu on 2:23 15 Apr
Yeah it would be nice if you have profiles photos.
Richelle Monfort on 6:24 1 Jul
I agree with userexists and sydney! Much better talking to a picture than a silhouette :) Cheers!


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