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Auction Selling 101 Review

Auction Selling 101 is the latest product on the scene to teach people how to make money on eBay. Members can login to the Classroom area to access video lessons, a downloadable 125-page ‘Student handbook’, audio interviews with top eBay sellers, a member’s forum and regular virtual classroom sessions with the somewhat mysteriously named creator’s of Auction Selling 101: Mr. Blue and Mr. Black.

Auction Selling 101 isn’t for everyone. As the name suggests, this product focuses on the basics.

If you’ve already got some experience as a seller and you’re after more advanced techniques, then Auction Selling 101 will not provide you with much you didn’t already know. In saying that, Auction Selling is clearly a work in progress (it only went live just over a week ago), so this may well change in the future. 

For now, I recommend this product to new sellers, particularly those who don’t know that much about the internet and are nervous about getting started. 

First: the handbook.  The handbook is a lengthy tome that takes you through every part of selling on eBay from registering, the feedback system, shipping, listing strategies and setting up an eBay store. Overall, I thought the handbook was easy to read and contained a lot of very useful information. I particularly liked the way the authors  take the time to go through the registration and ID verification processes – something many eBay products just assume people will know - and explain what you need and why. New sellers should feel very confident about what they need to do to embark on their eBay career after reading this info.

In my opinion, the strongest sections in the handbook are on searching and listing techniques and customer communication. New sellers consistently underestimate the value of good search for finding items to resell, checking out completed listings and average sale prices and looking at competing listings. It’s not a matter of entering a single keyword – it involves much more than that. Knowing how to search eBay and the search engines properly will give you a much greater insight into the market for your product and will also save you literally hours of searching time too.

Aside from the information on listing strategies there is also an excellent listing example and product photo to demonstrate what you should be aiming for. However, I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t much information on taking product photos or editing and uploading them. Let’s hope more appears on this topic in the future!

Many sellers overlook the fact that their customers are the key to their business success. If the customers aren’t happy, your business will quickly disappear down the plug hole. Auction Selling teaches how to deal with both good and bad customers, which you’ll find very useful as you meet all sorts on eBay!

All in all, the handbook provides some great information and I believe that the forums and the virtual classroom sessions will probably more than fill the gaps I’ve mentioned. For that reason, I recommend printing off the handbook so that you can add notes from your chats with Mr. Black and Mr. Blue.

Now for the videos: At this stage there are 27 videos in the library with the promise of more to come. These are not the slickest videos you’ll ever see, but they do provide good step-by-step instruction on many of the topics in the handbook. Nothing beats having a personal guide to take you through the exact process of carrying out tasks within eBay and I’m certain new sellers will find them beneficial.  You should definitely watch these videos a couple of times each as there is a lot to take in. Once again, there isn’t much in the way of advanced techniques here yet, but I expect this will change with time.

Finally, I’d also like to give a mention to a couple of other Auction Selling 101 features which I was very impressed with: the eBay/Paypal fee calculator and an eBay search tool that provides a quick and easy way to search eBay for misspelled items. 

Auction Selling 101 is currently a very valuable resource for new eBay sellers. The virtual classroom sessions and the forum mean you will also be able to get answers to your own specific questions - and the value of that one-on-one help is probably worth more than the rest of the info put together!

I look forward to seeing Auction Selling 101 grow in the future – it’s gotten off to a strong start.


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