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Auctiva Commerce Launches (sort of)

The highly anticipated Auctiva Commerce officially launches tomorrow, although a recent announcement that the release will be staggered to avoid overload rather than being open to the public, has put a slight damper on things.

The store-building system is billed as the ‘most powerful ecommerce system online today’ by Auctiva’s development team and business owners around the world have been eagerly waiting for their chance to set up a slick new Auctiva store in the promised ‘5 minutes’ for several months.

Auctiva has a well-established reputation of excellence in the market, serving up tools to help eBay sellers with their online businesses since 2003. One of its most popular products is its Scrolling Gallery, which lets sellers easily and effectively cross-promote items on their eBay listings.

Now Auctiva has gathered up all its technologies and developed Auctiva Commerce. Auctiva Commerce allows you to easily set up your own online store using a robust set of e-commerce tools and online wizards.

The benefits offered by the service include:

•    progressively lower fees as monthly sales increase
•    marketing assistance through search engine submissions and promotional tools such as mailing lists, newsletters, and SEO guides
•    integration of your own domain name
•    import saved eBay listings
•    your own choice of payment methods
•    fully customizable store design, as well as free professionally designed templates
•    tools for special offers and promotions
•    easy generation of various reports and statements

How much will it cost?

Auctiva Commerce has a simple pricing plan. They charge a small monthly fee and a socialized sales fee based on the volume of sales generated by the site.  They have also announced an introductory offer in which Auctiva Commerce will be free until March 2009, and if you sign up during this introductory period, you will pay a monthly store fee of only USD 9.95 per month.

Auctiva Commerce was originally designed to launch last 9 January 2009. However, the company felt that they 'needed to take some extra steps to make sure our release to live goes as smoothly as possible.'

Starting on the 20th January, a subset of its users will be invited to start setting up their stores. This group will consist of the initial beta testers and selected people who signed up for email updates. Each day thereafter, Auctiva will be sending off email invitations to more users who have signed up. We recommend hurrying on over and getting yourself in line for an invitation by joining the Auctiva Commerce mailing list today!


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Suzi on 12:23 28 Jan
Are the store that activated still only mock? what kind of time frame can be expected from the begining of the invitations to a ball park time frame for the begining masses.? Months weeks?
on 21:47 29 Jan
A couple of years back I had quite an adventure with Auctiva and found them somewhat confusing and difficult to deal with and went over to Inkfrog. There are a lot of easy set up stores availible such as as well as citymask and a very interesting which is quite free. Chinavasion sent me an interesting list of all the auction sitersand I do believe they are part of Salehoo. I might look more into Auctiva if I wish to go back auctioning and can tie my store into auctions.
Iham Me on 22:47 11 Feb
Monthly fee = WHAT A PIECE OF MANURE THIS IS A JOKE WILL DO BETTER JUST PURCHASING YOUR OWN DOMAIN AND CREATING A STORE YOURSELF. AUCTIVA PROMISES GOOD THEN SAME OLD JUNK. NO FEE NO FEE NO FEE Biggest complaint that's ever been about ebay is the huge fees - so Auctiva an upstart w/ no market share does the same thing. SMART!!!!!!!


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