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What’s Hot? 

Coach, Chloe, Balenciaga, Chanel, Michael Kors, Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Hermes, Kate Spade, Vera Bradley, Louis Vuitton, we could go on and on

Pros of Selling Them

  • Consistent high demand

Cons of Selling Them

  • Prevalence of fakes & the potentially harsh consequences of being caught selling fakes.
  • Expensive to buy genuine wholesale designer handbags
  • Consistent competition from other sellers (especially when selling on eBay)

What’s Considered a Fake & What’s Not?

It’s illegal to sell counterfeit merchandise, but in theory it’s okay to sell ‘designer inspired’ items. ‘Designer inspired’ means that the handbag looks quite similar to the real thing, but doesn’t feature any logos or brand names belonging to the company.

That said, VeRO – eBay’s intellectual property rights watchdog - has been known to crack down even on these items. Basically, eBay has too much to lose to take chances. So from their point of view, it’s better to treat sellers as guilty until proven innocent, rather than the other way around. Therefore, if you are going to sell ‘designer inspired’ items, be prepared for some close attention.

Of course, selling out-and-out fakes on eBay will eventually lead to your auctions being pulled (depending on how quick you get dobbed in), with huge fines and even imprisonment in the offing if the company who owns the trade mark decides to pursue the issue.

Problem is, it can be hard to tell good fakes from the real thing, and seeing as the consequences are so scary, it’s critical you know your stuff before you begin.

Knowing Your Designer Handbag from Your Designer Sham-bag

Start with some serious research into the brands you wish to sell. Knowing your brand and your bags makes it much, much easier to spot a fake. Especially when you realize that many bags are simply modified a little each season, but ultimately stay close to the original design. Researching the brand will also help you learn how the bags are distributed and where they end up at the end of their lifecycle.

The second leg of your research should be concerned with price. The majority of authentic handbags from the big designers can never be found at more than 40% below retail price, barring liquidations. Why? Because distribution is tightly controlled by the company to ensure there is never a surplus. In some cases, excess items are destroyed rather than sold off cheaply. Super low ‘wholesale’ prices, such as $75 for a Chanel handbag that retails at over $1,000, practically scream ‘fake’.

The third very, very, very important thing is to get the paperwork. All genuine brand name items come with paperwork known as a ‘chain of title’. You know how the Transport Authority keeps records on the ownership of each car every made? Well designer handbag companies use paperwork to keep a trail of ownership of each bag every made. Being part of the chain of title means that the invoice you receive from the supplier declares that the item is authentic and states the brand name in full and the style number. And if VeRO should come knocking, being able to display this evidence will stop them in their tracks – or at worst, transfer their attentions to your supplier!

Finding a Designer Handbag Supplier

Wholesalers – Designer handbags are discounted rather than wholesale. It can be extremely difficult to find legitimate wholesalers of designer handbag; however we can reveal that SaleHoo contains several excellent wholesalers stocking genuine Gucci, Balenciaga, Dior, Coach, Fendi, Chloe and more!

Liquidators – Liquidation pallets can be the source of some real designer handbag bargains, particularly the pallets coming from big department stores such as Macys. This is the only way you will get designer handbags at ‘wholesale’ or even below wholesale rates.

SaleHoo members can view our list of favorite designer handbag wholesalers (both for genuine & designer inspired items) here. Non-members, join now to view.



Comments (22)

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Beth Davis on 9:35 4 Jun
I am brand new at selling online. Last fall I tried to sell designer handbags online with the permission of the wholesale or dropship sites. My account was suspended from e-bay due to copy right infringement. I never understood what I did wrong and gave up on selling the bags individually on ebay. I had to pay a hefty fine just to "clear my name". Now I am afraid of ebay.
Yvonne on 23:23 13 Aug
I try the Auction junkie and did not find it. Do you know where I could find authentic chanel handbags for wholesale and below. Thank you,
on 8:04 21 Aug is where its at, if you reside in US. They wont ship outside of US. What about us who dont have a US address! Anyone have any other contacts that would ship to Australia?? The many comments about Ebay are sooooo true....They are Scammers in their own right! Abundant prosecutions pending!! How about, all of us who have been scammed/shut down/fined , start a new site and call it
Tinku on 22:53 12 Nov
@caik63: While I was studying abroad I had challenges when it came to having stuff shipped to me internationally but then one of my friend suggested I use a parcel forwarding company. After a lot of online research I found a company called Shipito. I went with them only because they seemed resonable and cheap for what I could afford! Plus, they had a live person to ask questions etc unlike a lot of those other companies with automated service. Hope this info helps!
aplus mobile on 1:08 11 Feb
valentine discount sales on Blackberry Bold2/Iphone 3Gs:A+ MOBILE LIMITED Registered No. 06320239 VAT NO:087627814 Incorporation Date: 1999 Email IM US Y7 CHAT: Address : 7 MELBRAY MEWS, LONDON, SW6 3NS (UK). Branch office : 1724 W Gardner ,Spokane, WA 99201. +1-509-362-226. (USA) For more product information call us on: +447031744718 OR VOICE CHAT OR & speak to a representative directly. INQUIRY: +447031744718 OR +44703174991 - 773 Ext.
lvivi on 12:29 3 Aug
This is my first time i go post. I collected so many interesting things in your site especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! keep up the good work.
Jay & Yolanda Sumlin on 8:51 29 Aug
Liquidation sites are the best. is one of the well known liquidation sites on the web. Search police auctions like and other government sites like these. This is a lot of work but you can get lucky and buy a Prada purse for $7.00 plus shipping rather than paying retail of $1200.00 for it. Good Luck
Wholesale on 11:36 26 Nov
Hey! I have heard that you can make a contract with the famous brands if your bags meet their standard they will allow you to use their tags and in return you have to pay some part of their profit. Is that any humor or it can actually happen? If it can than how? Please tell me Regards
malissa lamar on 1:16 7 Dec
who are the official sellers of authentic designer handbags on salehoo: i am weary about Queen bee i read that they are not real
Richelle Monfort on 3:40 7 Dec
Hi Missladykey, Kindly email us at and we'd be more than happy to provide you with a list of suitable suppliers for authentic designer handbags. As for Queen Bee, they are a verified supplier of SaleHoo and are quite reliable at that! I suggest visiting their supplier profile to learn more about them. Cheers!
Brenda on 5:25 7 May
im interested in saling designer handbags but need help with where to buy whosale
Meenka on 8:04 10 Feb
Hello, I am a bit weary when buying wholesale directories, I have been scammed before, do you have authentic wholesalers for designer handbags?
Prissy on 6:35 17 Dec
I am very intersted in starting my own business by selling knock offs and etc. I'm 22 years old and I need advise and guidance in my new hobbie. Can someone please help me by sending me honest web sites or places where I can buy my product and start making some cash??
Irene Vallejo on 0:14 18 Dec
@Prissy Sorry but we do not list suppliers for fake items. @Meenka Yes, there are suppliers of authentic designer handbags listed at SaleHoo. :)
on 4:36 18 Oct
Recently economy problem is making the fashion market so shaky and most of the handbags buyer and fashion jewelry shopper which are looking those trendy products are trying to get those products from wholesaler and supplier who are offering them at wholesale prices.
Lynn tavares on 23:28 11 Nov
I am in the process of opening a handbag boutique. My plan is to have a section with designer handbags,. However, i am not having very good luck with either contacting them directly or find a legit vendor. Can someone Please email me with some much needed help?,
Justin Golschneider on 15:34 12 Nov
Hi Lynn. Our supplier directory includes legitimate designer handbag vendors; you can ask for help finding them by clicking on "Email Us" at and dropping our support staff a message. If you don't have access to our directory yet, you can join SaleHoo here:
hermiliesmith on 12:40 30 Jan
Thanks for the post. I love handbags as these provide a trendy look to a girl and the handbags are just necessary for girls for to keep their important things,.
Richelle Monfort on 23:36 30 Jan
Glad you liked our blog :) I absolutely love handbags too!
Sheila Baker on 12:15 3 Feb
Would like to purchase real Vera Bradley products to resale on eBay. How is everyone else doing this?
Justin Golschneider on 13:23 3 Feb
Hi Sheila! If you want to become a Vera Bradley retailer, you have to apply with them directly:

This is the case with a lot of big-name brands—they choose individual sellers to work with rather than going through wholesalers. Many of them require you to have a physical store and won't sell you anything if you just want to resell on eBay, though.
Philip on 18:50 24 Apr
Nice article. You mentioned using shipito though. Have you heard of viabox? I used to use shipito but switched after discovering them. Their shipping fees are much cheaper & they let me pay with bitcoins, which is a nice bonus.
Fleur on 3:59 25 Aug 2017
Need Some Help To Set Up My Designer Business.
Justin Golschneider on 11:53 25 Aug 2017
Hi Fleur! Are you designing items and having a manufacturer create them, or are you creating each item yourself?
Regina Towson on 16:25 4 Oct 2017
I am already selling a few handbags and clothing @ a flee mkt, but I am interested on selling designer bags on a different level, but don't know where or how to purchase them online.
SienaBlu on 9:53 5 Oct 2017
Hey! I have read all your Blog. This is so nice and awesome service you have provided, I have learned so many new things from here and want to implement on my website. If you also want to know something new related to our services then visit my website.
Nezy on 17:28 11 Oct 2017
Hi! I am a designer resale shop owner looking for high end second hand designers purses with low prices . I don’t want to stock I am used to fast turn around of my products so my money will not sit around. I buy low so I can sell at low price and get all my stocks moving quickly. Any recommendations ?


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