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7 Tips for eBay Business Success using Dropshipping

eBay is a great platform for dropshipping in particular because it makes no distinctions between dropshippers and regular retailers. Dropshippers never lose out on privileges accorded to retailers; as long as an item is listed, it doesn't matter to eBay if the seller has the item on hand or not. However, there are unique challenges that dropshippers face on auction sites like eBay, especially if you are just starting your own dropshipping business. Today we're talking about some of those...

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Best Drop Shipping Companies: 12 Directories for Wholesale Dropshippers

Finding the right wholesale supplier is the first priority for any dropshipper. After all, without a reliable supplier, there is no dropshipping business. When you search for wholesale suppliers, you'll see thousands of listings. You can go the long way to reach your goal by checking them all out one by one. One mistake with your vetting process, however, and you'll find that scamming suppliers are probably more costly than your business model can afford. Alternatively, you can take the...

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Online Shopping for Men: 10 Items They Can’t Resist

Even as far back as ancient times, shopping was never quite the buzzword for men as it was for women. The primitive-communal setup of our ancestors developed women as meticulous gatherers, while men were trained to be skilled hunters. Women had to be conscientious not to pick the wrong berries, as they might poison the whole group. Men, on the other hand, needed to act quickly or their kill might duck away. This ancestral imprint gives us a clue as to why women tend to shop more than men....

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15 of the Best Books for Learning How to Brand

Successful branding is the Holy Grail for all marketing professionals and business owners. Good branding means awareness, and with awareness comes recall. When people can remember your brand (in a positive light, of course), you are more likely to profit than if you were selling a less-recognizable product or service, even if it's the same or even better quality. There is nothing new under the sun, after all, so the competition for custom relies heavily on recognition.

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12 Predictions for the Online Selling Business in 2015

Keeping ahead of the pack is a full-time business, and that's true now more than ever in the online selling business. The competition is fierce, mainly because it's so easy to start an online store. It also doesn't hurt that technological innovations are making it easier for consumers to buy online and keeping online sellers on their toes to keep updated. You really can't afford to rest on your laurels. If you've been struggling, then it's time to make a change. Here are 12 predictions...

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19 of the Best Ecommerce Strategies for Today and Tomorrow

We've often expressed the importance of having an e-commerce strategy here on the SaleHoo blog. It's an absolute if you want to survive the online marketplace in the long term. However, a good strategy has many facets. You have to consider each and every aspect of your plan, down to the finest detail, for it to do the job correctly. A good e-commerce marketing strategy can be derailed by poor planning on any front. Be proactive and learn more about the most effective tactics to use in any...

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5 Top Options for Online Payment Systems

Things are changing in the online payment industry, and changing fast. The competition for a bigger slice of the market is encouraging start-ups to join the fray and challenge the corporate giants on their own turf. Will the Davids of online payment service beat the Goliaths through sheer flexibility and willingness to take a cut in commissions? It's too early to tell, but there are cracks at the seams, it seems. Here 5 of the more interesting online payment systems around. Some of them...

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4 Best Pricing Strategies You Can Implement Now

It is interesting to note that the 4 Ps of marketing (product, placement, price, and promotion) are considered of equal importance, yet much less emphasis is placed on creating strategies to use price as a tool for conversion. Typically, you will be advised to research price tolerance in order to “price competitively,” and “make prices attractive” to the consumer. These are sound principles, but given that all other Ps are constant, wouldn't it be nice to get down to brass tacks and learn...

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10 Fantastic Online Selling Apps to Build Your E-Commerce Business

Online sales, regardless of niche, can be a pretty competitive business. As a dropshipper, you may think that you can just go muddling along with little effort because you have nothing to lose if you don't sell. This is true to an extent, but just because you have little or no capital tied up in your business doesn't mean you aren't losing money. By missing opportunities to sell that could so easily be caught if you just put a little more effort into marketing, you're missing out on a...

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Top 6 eBay Alternatives for 2015

If you are a dropshipper making money on eBay (100 percent rating, PowerSeller status, etc.), you might not see the immediate value of putting up listings on other sites. If that sounds familiar, I've got two words for you: more exposure. And here are another two words that you're probably more interested in hearing: smaller fees. There's no real downside to plying your trade and listing your top-selling eBay items on other sites. It might be a little more work, but for some site...

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