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PayPal Account Frozen? Get Help Here!

By on Wednesday November 8

Is your PayPal account frozen? You’re not alone. A simple “paypal account frozen” Google search will show you that tens of thousands of online sellers are facing the exact same thing… ...and it all boils down to PayPal being paranoid that you’re a “fraud risk”. The good news? Your money isn’t about to disappear into cyberspace anytime soon. You can get in touch with PayPal’s Resolution Department to get your account...

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Selling Wholesale Shoes [+14 Supplier Options]

  Everybody walks.   Wear and tear on your shoes is an unavoidable fact of life, so too is your (at minimum) bi- or tri-annual shoe purchasing. With 7 billion+ humans on the planet, that means we've got around 14 billion feet all just waiting to be adorned with fresh kicks.    But you're not the first to figure this out, oh no. Shoes are one of the most competitive listings in online auction sites such as eBay or Amazon. You need a way to stand out...

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Are You Selling On Bonanza Yet? Learn How in 3 Easy Steps

There's been a lot of interest in the Bonanza marketplace lately, so we've asked them why people should sell there and how to go about it. This post is their answer, outlining what Bonanza is, why people are choosing to sell there, and how get started.

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How to Make Sure that Your Dropshipping Business Makes Big Money

You know this for a fact — there is absolutely no business without risk. If you're planning to try your luck in the dropshipping business, no one would dare promise you a comfy, smooth journey. Nor are there any guarantees that earnings will come as effortlessly as you may like. On the contrary, in fact; there are bound to be bumps ahead.

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How to Employ Pricing Psychology to Make More Sales

We have discussed the psychology behind pricing before. Such conversations help us understand why some retailers have it in the bag while others are left fumbling in the dark. We've learned that it isn't about how much an item is, but how much value a customer perceives said item to have. In this article, we will discuss how to make use of this knowledge to increase sales.

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How to Repair the Online Reputation of E-Commerce Sites

E-commerce is all about reputation. Because your customers have no opportunity to handle the merchandise, they have to take what your website says about the products on faith. This is why reviews from other customers are so important to buyers. It's their only way to confirm the legitimacy and overall reliability of an online seller. Nearly 90 percent of buyers check reviews before making a purchase. If your online store has a lot of negative reviews, you can be sure your sales will...

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How to Create a Brand for Your E-Commerce Store

If you are reading this article, chances are you've moved on from selling stuff piecemeal on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or any of the other major ecommerce marketplaces where you're more or less anonymous, and now you've built your own store. More power to you. Now it's time to think about branding. Having an ecommerce store is like being a puppy in the pound full of cuteness. You're all equally adorable, so you need to do something to make you stand above the rest, like pressing against the...

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How to Avoid Common Problems with Dropshipping Suppliers

The dropshipping model seems too good to be true when you're first starting out in e-commerce. The truth is, it is not as easy as it sounds. It's true that you never have to worry about coming up with funds to buy inventory, or about not having enough to fulfill your orders, or being overstocked. And having no inventory does take a lot off your mind. The essence of dropshipping is that you “drop” the “shipping” problems on your suppliers' laps! However, your biggest advantage over...

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How to Make Your E-Commerce Store a Success

The e-commerce market is so big that many people figure they can get a small slice of the pie, or else get swallowed by the competition. Start-ups come and go, and that's basically because many had a "50 percent" attitude toward their online stores. They didn't do what was needed to make it a success. That's what we'll be talking about today. First off, let's deal with the one fact that's always in your face no matter what type of business you go into: you have to work hard. There is...

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How to Solve Common Pitfalls in a Drop Shipment Business

Although we‘ve discussed the common pitfalls of drop shipments for the online retail business before, you can never get enough of the fundamentals. Knowing what a drop shipment business is and making it work are two different animals; when planning to go into dropshipping, you have to have contingencies for every scenario. In an earlier article, we only discussed what these common problems are — not how to solve them. In this article, we'll tackle the possible solutions to deal with the cons...

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