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eBay and Politics Just Don’t Mix

You can sell your soul on eBay.

You can sell a shrunken head in a jar.

You can sell a serial killer’s fingernails.

But you can’t sell your vote.

Nineteen-year-old Minnesota college student Max Sanders found this out the hard way last week when he was arrested and charged with bribery, treating and soliciting, after attempting to sell his vote on eBay for the upcoming November elections.

An 1893 Minnesota law (unused since the 1920s) criminalizes the sale and purchase of votes.

With a starting bid of just $10, Sander’s listing included an offer to provide photographic evidence from inside the booth.

The auction was pulled before any bids were made, which may be just as well. Any bidders could also have been charged under the same law.

Sanders now claims the listing was a joke but officials are taking it very seriously, which has disgusted many members of the public.

Since Sanders' arrest, a similar auction has appeared with another Minnesota resident offering to give away their vote in protest at Sander’s arrest.

The listing ends defiantly: “P.S.  If "the man" wants to contact me, you don't have to go through you're little efforts, [sic] supoenaing ebay, just write me.  I'll tell you who I am.”


He’s not the only one to protest: TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington has also promised to list his vote on eBay too.


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Lynn Latson on 12:59 15 Jul
Jimmy, This is utterly absurd! What do you plan on doing since I just started marketing on eBay.... Lynn
guy on 13:55 15 Jul
google the companies involved in counting our votes. They already buy and sell them, we just don't know it. High-5 for democracy...
SAMarsden on 10:51 16 Jul
You can't actually sell your soul on ebay, it counts as 'human parts' or something which you also can't sell. I know because a friend of mine tried it. You can sell a bit of paper with 'my soul' written on and you can also sell your time/life.


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