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eBay Seduced by’s Service Efficiency

eBay has announced a partnership with Internet superstore, managing to infuriate existing sellers even further in the process.

As if they haven’t already been dealt enough blows, sellers now have to contend with swamping categories such as DVDs and games, homewares and electronics. The fight is made even tougher by the fact that eBay's search listings give preference to sellers who can afford to offer deal sweeteners like free shipping and special discounts.

Since January 2008, has added over 5 million fixed-price listings to eBay’s marketplace.

What’s more, they appear to be doing it without paying the fees that other sellers have to pay.

Announcing the “Diamond” powerseller

In a somewhat belated move to legitimize’s activity, eBay has created a new ‘Diamond’ powerseller level for sellers with over $500,000 in sales each month and a minimum of 4.8 across all DSRs.

The biggest benefit for Diamond sellers is customized fee structuring. Diamond powersellers can negotiate their own fees on a case-by-case basis.

It’s All Amazon’s Fault

Why would eBay go down this route? Once again, they are pointing the finger at their old arch-nemesis According to eBay, Amazon has changed the way buyers shop. The joy of finding a good deal is apparently no longer enough. Buyers today also want the peace of mind that comes from standardized service, especially in regards to fast delivery and professional packaging.

But is that all there is to it? Some people believe that eBay’s desperation to satisfy its shareholders is the real reason. As a publicly listed company, the pressure is on to get the share price tracking upwards, even if it means abandoning the mum and dad traders that have been behind the company’s success to date.

It seems that eBay is hoping that shedding their ‘flea market’ image and transforming into the #1 product aggregator and marketplace will achieve that goal. But are they destroying the very essence of their brand in the process? And how exactly do they intend to differentiate themselves from Amazon?

Take the Challenge or Move on?

Once again, sellers have to evaluate whether eBay is still the right place to do business. Will this venture be successful for eBay? If so – should you take up the challenge of scaling up your businesses to meet eBay’s criteria? Or is it time to move on to alternative auction sites?


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BALINDA HARPER on 12:37 15 Jul
Hutsell Sports on 12:39 15 Jul
Which is exactly why I stopped using eBay a long time ago ! I cought on real fast that unless you have got in on the game earlier, then the new sellers trying there luck in the dropshipping market never stand a chance, espesically with eBay. What they fail to tell you among "how easy it is" is after trying to compete, and paying the exorbant fee's, your lucky to make $.50 on a sale that you spent a long time getting listed, talking to customers, making the sale with your supplier, and paying merchant fee's, surcharges, and of course eBay's fee's. And yes, I too have had my fare share of dealings with eBay. Their legal department will come down on you hard, if any company, or buyer has a complaint concerning your listings. All along while still charging the seller fee's and having your entire account locked up. All I can say is eBay definatly caters to the big sellers and give NO leway to the starting sellers. And they have definatly changed their backbone. As stated in the bottom of this post. I HAVE MOVED ON !!!
on 12:42 15 Jul
I notice the form you are speeking of. Reminds me of what wal-mart did to keep the lower class buyers out of there stores, by stopping layaways and uping the price on all products including food. Saying there is just not enough profit from the poor or lower classes.
Dave James on 12:54 15 Jul
The fact that does not have to pay Ebays' fees for the auctions disturbs me. Something is wrong here, folks. We, the run of the mill Ebayers, get stuck paying listing, final value, reserve fees, etc for everything we sell. That may be one item or hundreds if you have an Ebay store. Even the ebay stores inventories are charged a fee structure! So, in effect, it seems like E-bay is trying to drive the 'little guys' like you and me out of the business and only have large, conglomerate type suppliers. Anyone for 'Wal-E-bay'?? or 'Sam's Ebay' or is E-bay trying to take over the likes of Wow! I am going to think twice before selling any more products on E-bay! Perhaps if others did that, we would voice an opinion!
on 13:02 15 Jul
I must be naieve. I thought E-bay was a fair business this is the second reason I have found now to find alternatives. The other is that a STRIKE was taken out against me when I had paid, told they couldn't deliver then refunded. All this documented. Then I get the Strike saying I haven't paid!! So I am guilty and have to prove my innocence. This takes 3 weeks. Now I have had a e-mail asking me if the item has been delivered and to give positive feedback!!!!!!It's getting more like Zimbabwe every day.
on 13:03 15 Jul
Another reason newbies like me won't EVER make it to power seller status on FEEBAY. Starting out, margins are low, and every DOLLAR counts. This is really cutting the legs out of the people who MADE EBAY WHAT IT IS!!! I am / was a frequent browser, buy some stuff, and just recently started doing some listing.... Folks...the only way to show your displeasure is to find somewhere else to list and sell your product. Just like in the brick and mortar get bad move your business. I know that is very complicated for those of you who have heavily invested time and money in stores, etc. The only way to impace them is the bottom line. FYI: I have recently joined and listed some things with Friendly, helpful people over there and fee structures are great. Getting ready to set up a "store" there as well. It can't hurt to look.....and there are other sites out there too... Gwen
P. M on 13:04 15 Jul customer service is worse than any other seller. They don't reply to emails/messages, if the item arrives defective, you're on your own etc... Going to another auction site it's easy to say, how many of them get as many daily visitors as eBay does?
on 13:08 15 Jul
While this is sad news, somehow it is not surprising. When there is a lot of money involved, the ones with money to start always have the advantage. I was under the impression eBay was meant to be a place where all could do business. Seems that when a good idea gets too big the original intent is lost.
Dean W on 13:21 15 Jul
I have to agree that ebay has gone too far again. Why should the ones who have the money be getting a better price than the smaller sellers who have made ebay what it is today. The golden age of ebay is long gone just like Rome and Greece. To bad because they have broken a good? thing and have lost credibilty with sellers. On another note, be very careful that you never list anything from someone else's house or business. If they are found to be at fault for some reason and they lose their ebay account, it is possible you might lose yours as well. It happened to us and we had not been around this other person for almost 2 years. He never paid ebay fees on an account we knew nothing about and ebay said we were obligated to pay up, even though we knew nothing about the account. In other words, we were linked to that account because we had listed items from his internet address. We are still fighting to get our account back and have been off for almost 3 months now. He payed the fees finally, but we are still not back on yet.
Claudette on 13:26 15 Jul
Everyone should have an EQUAL selling opportunity on EBAY. There are alot of small business on ebay doing a quality job! 5 star buyer
Dale Cox on 14:27 15 Jul
We very much need a place to go other than ebay. It happened a few years back, like with yahoo. The problem I see is that once someone gets a site up and running, ebay offers them a ton of money, buys them, then shuts it down. What we need out here is someone with the capital and the willingness to put a hurt on ebay to star a site and stick with it. I do believe that there are enough people out here that are sick and tired of ebay and paypal that it would work.
on 14:34 15 Jul
History repeating itself.It was/is the little people around the world that made Ebay their mega money.This company got too big,too greedy,they did not forget the little people...oh,no,no,no....they just do not care about the "moms and pops" anymore.Mom and pops are the small fish who definately hand a big hand in ebay reaching its' potential that it has.I speak from experience,not with Ebay,but from a major corporation that I worked for over twenty years.We were small in the beginning,and the owner did us right, the years have come and gone and the owner(still on the board,but semi-retired & has made her millions) has lost some of the best employees that have been there from day one.The new CEO was no help,as the supervisors who were great prior to the "seven year itch," they too became greedy, stepped on anyone and everyone. The moral here:Look out Ebay or you will no longer exist,you too will be history.
on 14:39 15 Jul
What's new???? What options do we have? I know in Australia we have , Ebay are very underhanded and nowhere will you get a greater rich vs poor attitude than Ebay(make it hard for the little guy to make a profit and easy for the people who ALREADY have the money to shove down Ebay's throat!!!) As a global community - what can we do about it? Instead of bagging Ebay (Iknow it feels great!!!!!) how about we just promote the alternatives instead. The way to do that is to find one or two alternatives and just promote them flat out! I know have NO listing fees and they are DYING to become a force in the global market place and is just starting out and need all of the help they can get (they also want to go global and their fees are also very low compared to EBay). I am sure there are sites in the US, England, Europe etc that could rival EBay beautifully - I mean EBay started with an idea remember??? Please reply to this comment and let SaleHoo know what you guys think . I am only a little guy but have lots of friends who just love to know about the alternatives!!! We will get absolutely nothing if we sit on our hands and moan about the situation or just suck it up and keep feeding EBay as the only true online auction site. If we DO something about it(with a POSITIVE outcome in mind)we will feel much better, we will get a better deal and our CUSTOMERS will get a better deal also. Cheers Jen
Dennis on 14:47 15 Jul
Well add this to the messed up changes they made to the feedback system and it seems that the people in control at eBay are out of control. Does anybody like the idea of not being able to warn your fellow sellers through the feedback system when a bidder doesn't pay? I might check out that ebid site and give it a try. I quite fed up with eBay after 10 years with them they may have just collected the last they are going to see from me.
Nancy on 14:51 15 Jul
Perhaps, People, We should call on a GENERAL STRIKE Unionize the Ebay Sellers and shut the marketplace down for as long as it takes to be recognized......
Michelle on 15:05 15 Jul
I am shocked... but not surprised that is not held to the same "rules and tos" that the rest of us are such as paying fees. The writing was on the wall several years ago as to the direction that ebay was going and that was, as you stated, abandoning those of use who built ebay to what it was/is today. I could see it coming and jumped ship long ago. I use ebay solely for ridding myself of inventory I am tired of having around but that too will soon change as I am opening a live shop in conjunction with my online business. Then I can have "sidewalk sales" and not bother with ebay at all. I also think that to a certain degree some seller's have spoiled the experience for us all. It is not unusual to see seller's stating that they only check their email once a week and ship once a month or similar ridiculous "customer no-service" throw into that mix the excessive shipping some seller's charge in order to make up for what they are not able to get for their items and/or to pay a lower listing fee and it gives everyone a bad name. So the greedy and lazy seller's have also contributed to the changes we are seeing.
on 15:19 15 Jul
I am for sure a newbie on e bay, but I had already become suspicious before Jimmy's blog. When I first thought of getting involved with E Bay, I intended to do it entirely using drop shipping. I haven't yet used drop shipping but from what I've seen so far I can see that there's no way to compete with the big boys that seem to be all the power sellers (excepting a few like Jimmy, Skip, etc.)I now see that it is obvious that I can't compete drop shipping, so until I get to something else I'm going to stick to gettingh my product from flea markets, thrift stores, garage sales and such, and use very simple listings. When a company gets so big that you can't even communicate with them (ever try just sending Customer Service an e mail), and their Live Help people are more efficient than the parent company, then something is definitely amiss.
on 16:28 15 Jul
This is shocking news but I had noticed how many more business sellers were coming up on ebay. It's a shame ebay chose to go down this road. It is intirely unfair, what with the new increased fee's and the unfair feedback system ebay is loosing the customers that helped build it to what it is today. I too think an organised strike would be a good idea and might get them to take notice of the real ebayer's. The little people.
on 16:33 15 Jul
Hi Nancy I like your thinking however I can't see that working considering would not come to the party leaving 5,000,000 items still up for bid on Ebay! Also, even if they changed their policy, do you really want to go back to a company that has shafted you in the past? Trust me they are the biggest leopards in the jungle of business! Dennis - I reckon you have the absolute right idea. DON'T SUBMIT TO EBAY - find an alternative - it may take a little longer to sell at the start but just think of the BIG picture - even as individuals we do have the power to bring Ebay to their knees - we just have to unionize (thank you Nancy)and break the monopoly that Ebay seems to have on this Online Auction business. The most important tip I an give is YOU NEED TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT THE DECISIONS YOU MAKE and then STAND BY THEM. You will never ever fail with this system. I like this forum - I can feel the power behind it! Cheers jen
J.S. on 16:36 15 Jul
I have mixed feelings about your report. You didn't mention whether or not and other Diamond Powersellers pay final valuation fees, which generate a profit for eBay. I would assume these sellers do. As an eBay stockholder, I am pleased to see 5 million potentially profitable, fixed price listings added to eBay since Jan. 2008. And by the way, anyone, even the little guy, can offer fast delivery, sturdy professional-quality packaging, and free shipping. I've done it myself! Everyone who buys on eBay is looking for a good deal.
on 16:39 15 Jul
PS are almost at 1,000,000 members so please have a look - you just might be surprised at what you see. They also offer shops, great service and are essentially the same as Ebay with regard to concept but they also give you 2 photos for free, no initiallisting fees and a 2c relist fee. I would like to see someone beat that! Cheers Jen
jim on 16:40 15 Jul
E bay has even bought into craigslist, and is now trying to shut them down. I can't leave negative feedback against 7 buyers, who never payed, why? Did you ever wonder if people bid up other items like what they have, making theirs go up to people who will pay, and then just not pay for the other ones they bid on. I'm done with ebay, bid on a game, $29.00 and then find out its in japenese, didn't say anything in description when i bid, but someone asked her if was japenese version, 10 hours before auction ended. ebay said tough. sold 44 games my last week on ebay. i'm done. i don't care if i lose money, i'll find somewhere else, or through it away. Can anyone spell MONOPOLY. thats what they are trying {and suceeding} at.
Ken on 16:49 15 Jul
We used to have an old saying many years ago in the wholesale/retail off line biz... If you are a wholesaler, "Never retail in the same market against those you wholesale" to:. eBay perhaps should consider this and just reword it a little to: "never sell against the many hands that feed you". Ken
on 17:19 15 Jul
Today's Wall Street Journal about eBay winning the Tiffany trademark case in Federal court is one more stab in the side. It's interesting that the Federal ruling is happening on the same day as this blog post. The bottom line in the Tiffany case is that eBay, according to a Federal judge, is NOT responsible for counterfeit goods sold on eBay USA as long as it removes fake goods after it's alerted. (eBay lost a similar lawsuit in Europe recently where the courts ruled that eBay IS responsible for fraudulent sellers listing counterfeits). Although Tiffany is appealing the case, the courts have effectively ruled that eBay is similar to an Internet transmitted by customers. As long as eBay removes listings that infringe trademarks, after Tiffany or others file a complaint, eBay is off the hook. Unlike a newspaper or magazine that could be sued along with an advertiser promoting products that break trademark law, eBay and other Internet e-commerce sellers are different, according to the courts. I'm doing a blog post on MarketingBeyond, which should be posted by 7P Pacific: http://MarketingBeyond.TypePad.Com I'm also following up with a podcast on MarketingVisions.Net, which is syndicated on iTunes. Looks like eBay has had a good day with the Buy.Com and Federal court ruling.
on 17:26 15 Jul
Someone needs to start a new Auction site. Maybe model it the way Ebay "used" to be. Maybe it will become the new standard in online Auctions. You never know!!
planes on 17:34 15 Jul
Actually, it looks like an act of desperation on eBays part. is not a great online retailer. I can name 10 that I would prefer to by from than Took them a month to ship me a pack of DVD discs. And I have been to other sites where they are know to be a subpar company. Its gonna be interesting to see what their feedback looks like. This is a free market economy. We have to adjust and bend and re-set our business models to stay ahead. You can still make good money on eBay.
on 18:59 15 Jul
Thank You Salehoo for sharing this information, I too have been so disgusted with all the NEW rules from Ebay but kept listing. No More, I WILL check out other sites to buy and sell on and in the mean time work on an idea or two that I got from these posts to try and get Ebay to pay attention to the sellers that made it what it is today. Time to sign off and start this project !!
on 19:07 15 Jul
Hate to say it,but i told you so.Feebay = greedbay
on 19:25 15 Jul
I have been saying for months now FEEBAY DOES NOT WANT THE SMALL SELLERS THERE ANY MORE! And yes Im talking about the "power sellers" as well . Why do you think they keep raising there fees? Why would they let Buy.crap list for free?DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT THEY ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO GET TO LIST FOR FREE? I really doubt it .We must face it it is time to move on people we are not wanted there anymore they used us and now there rich and dont give a crap they made the choice.I have been a member on here for a couple of months and have talked with some of the nicest people in the world on here guys it is time we do some thing no more complaining and sitting around writing about it ,or having some half hearted "strike"boy that really worked didnt it?Well here is what I have done I have totally left fee bay and started my own website. It is free to list and I have had some success but the key is We have to work together guys!!Just because you list something somewhere be it my site or anywhere else your not going to sell a single thing unless you advertise we have to start talking word of mouth is always best and Google adwords is great as well .I hope I can get people to understand and UNITE that is the ONLY way that we are going to survive I remember when I first got into sales staying up endless nights searching for that great item to sell all the endless scams I went through and all the countless hours of research I did not do it for nothing did you?
Sid Robbins on 0:39 16 Jul
It is difficult to fathom what the agenda is of the new guard at eBay. We sold exclusively on eBay until they made it impossible for us to continue. Like all structures, the eventual collapse starts with small cracks. eBay will have to wake up to he fact that they are becoming their own worst enemy.
Judi on 3:56 16 Jul
Like many others, I see most of the proceeds of sales go to ebay in various fees. I now only list on 'special offer' days and take full advantage of the free gallery. I'll stop using this when the freeby is over with. I have tried but found it very problematic. Firstly I was locked out of the site for three weeks because they didn't like my browser bar! Also I found there was no interest in my listings. I deliberately listed some gold items at £1.00 and £1.50. After 4 or 5 weeks there was absolutely no interest whatsoever. The fees may be very inexpensive but this does not help if you cannot sell! I have had various run-ins with ebay. They definitely are for the buyer and big time sellers rather than the normal person in the street type seller. They do not seem to realise that there are some very dishonest buyers out there who rip off honest sellers! Paypal is even worse. Have you ever tried to find a link in Paypal to report a buyer? There isn't one! They only make provision to report a seller!!! I think that speaks for itself. Plus they have you over a barrel: you must accept Paypal -ebay own Paypal. Paypal will allow buyers to reclaim money paid for up to 60 days. So you sell an item, get paid, post it, then lo and behold the money vanished out of your account! They are not daft. UK Paypal is based in Dublin, Ireland. This means that it does not have to comply with English Common Law. If it did it would be prosecuted for allowing this and for freezing peoples' Paypal Accounts - totally an illegal act!!! However, on the plus side - when I was conned and Paypal gave the dishonest buyer the money back, I bombarded them for months with emails and I threatened to go to the National Press and seek legal regress in Dublin. To get rid of me they actually gave me the money back from their own resources! Another thing everyone can do is to show contempt to ebay's new 'no negative feedback for buyers'. To get rid of nasty negative feedback? Easy, in the reply to feedback received section put in the person's (giver of negative feedback) name, address, telephone number - whatever you can squeeze in! When ebay see it or it's reported, they have to get rid of the negative feedback to remove the person's personal details! Neat eh?
Jan on 10:36 16 Jul
I love this forum and these posts - everyone has such great comments and thoughts. I started out buying on eBay and quickly became a part-time seller and now have a store. My hope was that eBay would afford me to retire early and be able to give up my 9-5. That has not happened yet, but I have met wonderful people and have learned much! I offer new and gently used items, ship promptly in quality packaging, ship every day, and include a free gift. I have a 100% feedback and have had only a few non-payers. The buyers and sellers on eBay are in the most part wonderful, honest. No matter what business you are in there are always going to be a few bad apples. The trick is not to let them spoil your fun. I am a firm believer that "negative feeds negative" so if a buyer changes their mind and doesn't pay, I do not leave negative feedback. I just request my fees back from eBay and go on. It is cost of doing business. I do my homework and list on the heaviest traffic days for the items I am selling - not on the days that eBay dictates with their special promotions. I spend time on marketing to my existing customers, and I welcome all new eBayers. So far this is working for me. I am not a PowerSeller status yet, but I am making some money. I would love to do this full-time and have a stand alone internet store, and am aiming for that goal .... but in the meantime, eBay seems to fit the bill for me. I am not saying I like all the changes, high fees, unwarranted rules and regs, but until one of you internet gurus with deep pockets can get a site up and running that gets the traffic that eBay gets ... I am sticking with eBay. If you are in the mood to shop today - just visit my store as I would love to have you visit. Have a wonderful day - and keep all these comments going ... it helps all of us be better E-Entrepreneurs!
Donna on 11:00 16 Jul
There is a significant factor to remember on Ebay. It is called Chargebacks. Any of you that are not familiar please BE AWARE. When the Buyer purchases an item with their credit card please make sure they are: 1)Ebay-verified, and 2) the billing address is the same address they use on Ebay. Otherwise, a chargeback on the Buyer's part can be generated. Here is how it works, the Buyer purchases your item, receives it and decides months later they want their money back for some reason. According to Paypal the Credit Card company has the power/authority to withdraw the funds from your Paypal account or leave it at a negative balance if the funds are not available. The Resolution Department investigates which is allowed 75 days to resolved the issue. Low and behold this is a scam that Buyers are well aware of. They get the item and money too with the use of their credit card. It has happened to me twice but only one was satisfied. The other Buyer got caught in the act of trying to retrieve $2100. Also, the power is in Paypal's hands not the credit card company. I still had the copy of the refund check paid to the Buyer with his signature faxed to paypal. And he was busted! After speaking with 5 agents only one (agent) saw fit to do their job. Removed the negative balance of $2100 scammed by the Buyer. Please do transactions only thru Ebay with verified adresses that are the on Ebay to catch these crooks! After all that, Ebay put a hold on my account for $5.30. And Paypal froze my account for a -$14.65 Forget this, I am moving on!
gina on 11:11 16 Jul
Holy Crapola! I went totally broke with ebay and now virtually don't trust any of the leading sell-on sites.! It's all just syndicated crime plain and simple...
on 14:15 16 Jul
Disgusting and Frustrating!!! I knew it had changed a lot over the years. When looking up my own items to see how they would come up as listings I saw that real company names like Oriental Trading Co. were coming up to compete against me. This ads come up and direct the buyer away from ebay!!!! I had some listings removed by ebay because they assumed I wasn't a legitimate retailer for the items. They charged me the fees and did not offer me a chance to prove I was legitimate! Since you can no longer give negative feedback to buyers I have had crazy numbers of nonpays. Waiting for me fees to be returned is a hugh hassle. Listing and selling fees are out of control. I'm ready to shut down my ebay store. We should all unite as a protest. I'm ready to try something new!
Grace on 17:46 16 Jul
Apart from being engaged in illegal practices feebay has destroyed too many livelyhoods. Without another international option we have created our own Community website where there is no greed but just hard working happy people. USD20.00 per month membership only regardless of how much you sell. We want to have fun again. First 1000 to join become VIP members for life and pay nothing ever. All free listings until 1 Sep. 2008 community is only 2 days old folks.
bob rettman on 21:13 16 Jul
eBay is becoming too big for it's britches. Maybe it is time to start an alternative store. A Branch if you will. An Alternative Store to buy and sell your items that stays true to the original ideals and practices. It would be an instant success. Many thousands of people would flock to it. I always thought the internet was different. A Fair place where the people were honest and helpful with each other. Wishful thinking huh? Even here big money corrupts. So much for being fair huh? eBay is selling out. Screwing the little guys! Collectively we have the power. How do you get that many people to come together to flex that power? The money could be put together collective. Word of mouth would be your engine. Could it work? Would it work? I think so how about you?
on 22:08 16 Jul
Thanks Jamie...I am total agreement with you
joe on 23:03 16 Jul
Loyality,not exist on ebay,I thought ebay build on trust but...To save my self and you,Time. I wont say much,if i start with all the proof that i and the problems on ebay,and how ebay did nothing,like blocking me from selling some items for no reason or proof or even an explination,or doing nothing even if i have the proof,my final letter to ebay support team and all who said (support-ha ha) I said ...I will never ask for your help anymore or send you any Q.I already know all your answers,i am on my own on ebay without any support,i start listing item in other places for free. -Stores in the USA saying nothing for now but when they open them eyes and see how most of the item (thanks for other third party.sold 50% direct from fabric in china and 50% from china(gneral)example.An mp4 touch screen loaded 4GB etc... in store $75.00 plus the taxes,Ebay sellers in usa selling it for between $50.00 and $65.00,Sellers from china selling it between $28.00 and $45.00 oh i forgot and free shipping plus a gift with one year Garantee satisfaction etc... without talking about the money ,,,meaning the item sold in one country but the money deposit in another one i think we could call that a.......... plus changing the ebay feedback wich is neutral now is negative,since when neutral mean negative...and and and. if i continue i could finish a book about ebay ....... and sorry if went arround the subject,it is better to don't talk about it any more,i thought i am the only one who know about all that,now,,I could relax because all the world know how ebay work and who can make his dream((Ebay dream)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
camping on 23:36 16 Jul
While I am still listing on ebay it is only a fraction of what I used to. $10k a month to ebay just isn't economical anymore. Plus I have noticed a sharp decline in the percentage of items actually selling. I am hoping to abandon ebay soon, currently I am still making a small amount of money.
Robyn on 2:40 17 Jul
No surprise to me that Ebay wants listings from full time sellers/shops etc. I went to a small business seminar where Ebay was featured and got the impression they didn't want old secondhand junk any more on their site. However what they have done with the feedback is just plain not fair. I had a buyer who could not be bothered to tell me she had changed address after I sent her item. She got a refund, then left negative feedback saying she didn't get her purchase, I refused to refund the money and buyer beware. The item was returned later from her original post office. Ebay are not interested in what really happened, saying they can't take off the neg feedback. As I am starting a business with limited money I can't see how to avoid using Ebay. In Australia we have but with not enough traffic. In New Zealand they have Not many people know there is ebay in New Zealand because they all use trademe, so alternative sites can win business. YOU as a buyer (and not as a seller) need to remember to use the alternative sites when you make purchases, and get used to not relying on ebay when internet shopping. FEEL FREE TO LOOK AT THINGS ON EBAY BUT REMEMBER TO DO YOUR ACTUAL PURCHASING ON ALTERNATIVE SITES. Anyone have success selling on who used to sell on ebay?
G Smith on 3:47 17 Jul
There is a new Aussie based site just opened. It is made up of ebay refugees. All small sellers but internationals are welcome too so it will grow. No fees until Sept 1st & then it will $20 per month for unlimited listings & no FVF fees & free stores. They will be supporting charities instead of fuelling the greed machine. Everything you hate about ebay has been rectified here. Get back to having fun online instead of all the stress ebay has heaped on us,
Mike Ralph on 16:33 17 Jul
Cant wait for futhur u-turns as they slowly but surely realise that the smaller/medium seller(not necessarily the powerseller) is being alienated... Neutrals have been reversed, whats next?.....
Doug on 17:52 17 Jul
I am so glad I found this blog. I share many of the same feelings and problems. I just got into eBay selling this year, was making a small amount of money, when I started making more, ebay started changing their policies and fees, then started ending my listings early because of things that almost everybody else does. As long as a buyer is selling a legitimate product, and delivers on time, etc., I don't see where ebay gets off ending listings, and then we can't leave negative for buyers anymore, that just isn't right. My 100% feedback went to 97 something because some jackass left me a neutral! It should be like 99.8, but they can't do math either, except for their listing and selling fees. OKAY, now there are a lot of new auction sites on this blog, and I am going to check them out, but how about PayPal? Ebay owns them too, so does anybody know of another good paysite? Thanks
Tim on 23:01 29 Jul
I thought ebay was concerned with customer service, shipping, etc. from there sellers. has the worst customer service and shipping times of any company on the web. Look at there customer feedback on website. The new CEO at ebay really blows!
Dana on 14:04 30 Jul
Here is the message I sent to Ebay through its suggestion box. "I believe that fair trade dictates that since you are allowing to sell unlimited quantities of products on your site without having to pay any fees, that you should allow everyone to sell unlimited quantities of products on your site without paying any fees. After all, it is hard enough trying to compete when I cannot buy in the mass quantities that they can but then to have to raise my prices even more because of your fees when they do not have to pay those fees is defying all logic. If you do not want any of the small time operators like myself to sell on your site anymore,then just come right out and say so. Otherwise, give us the same fair shake you are giving them so it is at least somewhat competitive. If I do not hear from you in 2 weeks that I am on a no fee setup with you, then I have no other choice but to take my products to the next 6 competitors including to sell from." I have had it with their unfair business practices.
ebay on 19:14 10 Aug
Thanks for posting this!
on 13:53 4 Oct
I just came across an article in "Coin World" regarding eBay, that may interest several of you. The article is in the September issue of "Coin World" on page 10. EBay, is up for another lawsuit from a N.J. grading service, dealers, and others. This is a very interesting article, and shows the stupidity of eBay.
pete on 6:34 8 Sep
If you do the basics correctly you will succeed. Offer a reasonable price. Ship it fast. Respond to customers quickly. It's Business 101. But if you whine and blame everyone else for your own problems then you'll be a loser. I'm sure there are some legit cases of problems with eBay as with any big company. They will treat you impersonally. Amazon is the same though.
Jez Luis on 19:11 14 Aug
Another little lesser known trick, is that "Buy", at the last minute slips in "Sales Tax" on orders shipped to many states, even though they are located in California. Good luck on getting E-Bay or "Buy" to cancel the order, even though you request a cancellation through E-Bay (and directly to "Buy") within minutes of "ordering" the merchandise and 24 or more hours before they claim to ship the stuff. I'm confident they are just sticking the extra $$$ in their pockets.


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