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eCommerce Blog / eBay Sellers: Are You Ready For Christmas Shoppers?

eBay Sellers: Are You Ready For Christmas Shoppers?

October is a busy month for eBay sellers with 44% of people starting their Christmas shopping this month! If you haven’t already, start preparing your auctions for Christmas buyers now, you shouldn’t delay any longer. Waiting until December just increases your competition.

One of the hardest things for Christmas shoppers is deciding whether or not a particular item is appropriate for the person in mind. Including a description of the type of person who would enjoy this gift is a great way to make things a lot easier for your buyer and increase your sales. For example, if you are selling toys, include the age range appropriate for the toy. People will love you forever if you help them get gift ideas for teenage boys – possibly one of the most difficult groups to buy for! Your About Me page is a prime opportunity to help people with their decisions. Tell people what is popular this year for particular age groups and what you think are good buys – e.g. items that are going to last the distance vs. fads. If you have an eBay store you can add categories for different age groups: e.g. “Gifts for girls 7-12”, “Grandparents”, “Gifts under $15”. You also divide gifts up into categories based on hobbies such as gardening, music and sport. The gift basket or gift set is also a very popular choice – particularly for people who are difficult to buy for. If you have a creative flair, buy an assortment of cheap but tasteful items for a particular market and assemble them together in a beautiful display in a box or basket. For example, you could put gardening gloves, a small fork and some olive oil hand cream in a gift box. Or for a teenager: a couple of movie tickets, lip gloss and a small purse. There is so much potential in the gift market for truly creative ideas.

Other things to include:

  • Offer gift wrapping services
  • Offer expediated shipping
  • Include a clear returns and exchange policy to alleviate concerns about what to do if the recipient doesn’t like the gift.

What You Can Expect in the Next Three Months…

November: Christmas sales slow down a bit as people get ready for Thanks giving. Toy sales start to pick up as people worry they’ll miss out on this year’s hottest thing! Winter clothing sales do well in the Northern hemisphere, while swimsuits and camping gear are hot in Australia & New Zealand. Overall sales pick up momentum towards the end of November.

December: The most frantic month of the year – but also quite short because everything stops on December 25th. More important than ever to make sure you’ve got a good variety of shipping services available – you need to be able to guarantee gifts get there on time.
: The cut-off date for shipping is December 21, anything sent on December 22nd may or may not arrive by mail – best to use courier.

January: Very slow sales month as everyone subdued by the arrival of credit card bills. Sellers – this is a great time to purchase heavily discounted stock while everyone else is on holiday!

Anyone with suggestions or comments on how sellers can further prepare themselves for the Christmas rush, please add your comments below.



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