Follow Obama’s lead: Use social media to market your eBay business

It’s nothing new for people’s friends and acquaintances to impact their ideas and beliefs. What is new is how and where they meet up with their friends for a chat. Online communities and social media sites have transformed the way we socialize from something private into something public. One of the consequences of this change is that savvy politicians and marketers can now interact with their audience as friends in a community environment, opening up powerful new avenues of influence.  

Barack Obama effectively used more than 16 social media sites to share his message with thousands of people, and the consequences have made history.

eBay sellers are only just starting to cotton on to the potential of this advertising medium, but the early results are impressive.

Here are some tips for using social media to advertise your eBay business:


Twitter is a micro-blogging site with a huge user base and it’s a great way to find a new audience for your business. Let’s say you are selling bicycles and cycling equipment. You could set up a Twitter account in your business name and post updates (called ‘tweets’) about your biking trips, along with some ‘pro’ tips. The fastest way to get readers is to search Twitter for other people who share your interest and ‘follow’ their feed. You’ll find that most people will become ‘followers’ in return, and wham! You’ve got yourself an audience.


Step one is to link your eBay account to your Facebook profile through your selling preferences in My eBay or by using Facebook’s eBay Marketplace application. All your new listings will then automatically be included in your Facebook newsfeed.

Step two is to join groups likely to contain people interested in your items. For example, if you are selling musical instruments on eBay, then join music-related Facebook groups to help get your stuff in front of people who care.


Set up a MySpace page for your business and brag about your great customer service and high feedback rating.


Film a review of one of the super cool products you’ve got listed in your store or make a funny video about your business. Post them on YouTube and not only will you benefit from YouTube traffic, you’ll also have a good chance of ranking in Google for the keywords in your video title. (Hint: Use the same principles as writing an auction title).

Following these tips for social media marketing may not make you the next president of the US, but they’ll definitely help you get more traffic to your eBay business. Just don’t forget that people are there to make new friends and contacts, not receive a hard sell!


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