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Get Set for More eBay Changes in 2010


Get Set for More eBay Changes in 2010

According to our friends at eBay, every new year means new policies, and 2010 is no different! Last year, eBay brought us some big changes including those made to search results and how our listings will be ranked, compulsory shipping insurance and new PowerSeller requirements and benefits.

This year you can expect some changes related to eBay fees, Stores and the feedback system.


First things first; what are the fee changes? According to, eBay may be looking at changing fees structure in 2010, due to the results of a comprehensive survey they conducted in 2009. The survey asked a number of questions, including whether they would sell more items on eBay if fees were lower. When eBay reduced insertion fees, and increased Final Value Fees, there were a lot of negative responses. Although eBay claimed it was better for sellers as they were only stung with high fees when their items sold, many sellers felt that eBay was using this as an excuse to mask yet another rise in selling fees.

If eBay takes the feedback from their survey seriously, we might finally see some fee changes that go in our favor!


eBay has commenced testing its new feedback system that it plans to implement this year.  The new feedback system gets more information from the buyer about their experience in dealing with  them. The 5 new questions focus more on the service they receive such as shipping times and response to email enquiries, rather than the quality of the items bought.

Finally, buyers are asked how likely it is that they would recommend the seller to a colleague. Buyers can rate from 1 (Not At All Likely) to 10 (Extremely Likely).

Could this be detrimental to the feedback system? If a seller is presented with a long, complicated list of fields to fill out, will they actually take the time to do it, or simply leave it blank? If I'm right, this will be tough on new sellers who are trying to get past that crucial 100 feedback scores mark.

eBay Stores

eBay Store listings will appear in "core" search results, and will no longer be segregated from regular non Store listings. This means that new sellers who don't yet have stores will find a whole new level of competition when buyers go searching for items which are also sold by Store owners. This means 2010 is a great time to think about setting up an eBay Store.

Oh yeah, and the fees on Stores are likely to rise also. Currently, Store listings cost between 3 - 10 cents for a 30-day listing, and the non-store 30-day BIN fixed-price format costs 35 cents, with final value fees varying, depending on the category.

Whatever the changes are on eBay this year, they are bound to be controversial. I guess when you have over 100 millions of users; it's hard to keep everyone satisfied!

Keep an eye on our blog and we'll keep you posted on all changes, as and when they occur.


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on 22:16 14 Jan
What happens with the current fee structure, due to cheaper insertion fees, sellers (myself included) are spamming the listings with way to many auctions of the same item and from a buyers perspective it ruins the shopping experience. I say raise the insertion fee to get less listings but of a higher quality at the same time lower the final value fee to virtually nothing on lower priced item or better still abolish it all together, but that won't happen. Its such a shame I wasn't doing this gig 10 years ago I would be a millionaire now.
Richelle Monfort on 1:55 29 Jun
Hi Alligdigital, By the time I read your comment the changes have been deployed by eBay and we had a guest blogger tell us a bit more about the new changes :) I think you might find her blog quite interesting, that is if you haven't read it yet: Cheers!
Wholesale on 11:55 19 Oct
Great work from ebay this is what i call business everybody will be happy from these changes everybody will gain benefit from it. Really impressed Regards its David from


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