eCommerce Blog / "Griff" says eBay determined to eliminate unpaid item problems

"Griff" says eBay determined to eliminate unpaid item problems

In a recent interview with Brad and Debra Schepp published by Auctiva, eBay's Dean of Education Jim "Griff" Griffith promised that the worst was now over for eBay sellers and that eBay was determined to eliminate unpaid item issues altogether.

Sellers rejoice! In the future, money will automatically be taken from the winning bidder’s account or credit card and deposited into your  account. Fixed-price listings will use a shopping cart checkout option.

What’s your reaction to this news?


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on 22:33 15 Jan
What happens if the winning bidder does not have the full or any funds available in his account or his credit card?
SaleHoo on 22:39 15 Jan
We can only assume that eBay plans to use some sort of screening, whereby only users whose account is in credit will be allowed to bid on the auction. It is hard to see how this system could be water-tight though.
on 18:46 16 Jan
Answering John's question...would want a someone who has no money to buy or bid on your products? It looks like eBay is going back to business basics. Implementing this requirement is a good step in the right direction to help us sellers from the dead beat buyer or the bidder addict that's just in it for fun with no intent to buy. After all Business 101...move as much product as quickly as you can for a profit.
Carlos on 20:03 29 Jan
To the above I feel that most people plan to pay. I found the best way is to handle this on your own. I always place if payment not recieved within five days that the item will be relisted. What if John Doe works gets paid every Friday and makes a bank deposit every Friday when he gets paid. He is the winning bidder on my item. He placed his bid on Wednesday. His payment is made on Friday night. No problem not everyone has a credit card. So give John Doe a chance.


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