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How Successful Have You Been? Show Off To Others!

This was an idea introduced by one of our members "auction-4-you" where everyone could share success stories or their best deals in the world of importing and wholesaling.

Feel free to brag about a successful deal or sale you have completed either online or offline and some details about it.

Hopefully this will show others what can be done and that it isn't all misery.

Take Care


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on 3:49 28 May
Ok I'll get this started. I bought two pallettes of over stock from Superdrug. To anyone outside the UK superdrug are a fairly massive chain selling cheapish body care, cleaning, styling products and so forth. They expanded their product range and tried to shift some really random items and it failed miserably. This left them with 2 warehouses full of various items they had to sell of quickly. So luckily someone involved in the business has a dad quite high up in Superdurg. Went along to their warehouses and picked out 2 pallettes. As I was tucking into the stock I soon realised Id just got the bargain of the century. Having paid £200 and found for example - 14 Recordable DVD players, which sold at £129.99 in their stores, 14 Popcorn Makers, 10 Ultrasonic cleaners, 20 Glimmer lights, 16 DAB Radio/Cassette/CD Players and a whole host of other really saleable items. Ive made an absolute killing on these items. My only regret is I didnt have the room to buy more pallettes. Some guy bought 200 pallettes for £2000. I bet he is laughing all the way to the bank. It just shows if you stick at it, every once and a while you hit the jackpot. Now that stocks is drying up and using salehoo is helping me find fresh items to sell.
on 9:47 28 May
i have tons but here is one late night...watching the Home Shopping Network......see this cute looking toaster thing that looks like a jukebox. Im like wow never seen that b4. it was selling for 69.00 i think i cant recall anyways, they sold out during the show. a month later i go to the HSN outlet guess what they have...the toasters for 9.99. I buy 3 of them put them on ebay for 29.99-the ended up selling for 39-50.00 they all sold. I go back to HSN outlet only 2 left i get them and sell them. Now im addicted to these little toasters. Im getting emails everyday from these people asking if i have more. I go back to the store come to find out they have 9 i only have 40.00 on me BOY WAS I KICKING MYSELF IN THE ASS FOR NOT HAVING MY CREDIT CARD ON ME, some old lady scoops them up for 'Christmas gifts' that was the easiest money i have ever made!! and yes to this day i still go and see if they have more lol
on 18:11 29 May
Hey all, here's some of my story... I started doing Ebay in 1998, and well it was just for fun then. In 99 I had just had my baby - she's almost 7 now, wow, anyhow, I listed all her newborn clothing on Ebay. I was amazed at what they ended at. I thought I could never make this kind of money at a yard sale. I think that auction ended at like $181 - it was like all her little newborn dresses, t-shirts and socks, stuff like that. I also sold all my Levis I had outgrown one time, it was like 8 pair, and I made over $200 on them. So by then, I knew there was money in Ebay. So, I kept selling clothing (my daughters) and mine on Ebay, so really, I did get mostly all her clothing for free. And I'm still doing it today. Then, I started to shop for the childrens clothing at boutique stores (we have a great store here in our area) that sells only name brand stuff at low low prices - so I started shopping there and putting stuff on Ebay. I didn't make a huge profit, but buying stuff for like $6.99 and selling it for sometimes $20 and $30. I thought that was wonderful. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I would eat it, because I always start my auctions at .99 - just seems to work better for me. Then, I was shopping in my town one day for a big screen tv, and well, this shop I had never been in was selling big screen televisions, cameras, it mostly was an electronic store at way low prices. I asked him how he was able to do it, and he said, "look", some of the stuff had scratches on it, and/or didn't come with certain wiring - he had bought from Circuit City (somehow) and Price Club - the stuff they couldn't sell, anyhow, I ended up buying a big screen tv for like $1100 - I think the brand was Hitachi ... IT'S VERY NICE. Well, he made a comment, (after showing me his listings on Ebay), if you can't make over $50 on one item on Ebay you are wasting your time. So I thought, hum, I make $5 sometimes, I have to do something different. So I started researching, signed up for SALEHOO (thank you), and well, research, research, research, after LONG HARD WORK I STARTED selling designer handbags. I was totally shocked at the profit I could make. One bag I sold like 3 wks ago, I paid $220 for it, and I sold it for $650 on Ebay. I was amazed. Now, I don't do that every time, but it is a lot more fun to see this happen, than not make anything at all. I feel you really can't give up - and well, if you know me, I don't GIVE UP EASILY. LOL Anyhow, you can see my link listed here, it's my Ebay store. I don't think I could handle an online store at this time, but it would seem very fun to do. I work a full-time job, own and insurance agency where I live, so it's pretty demanding also. I would probably be stir-crazy. Anyhow, good luck everyone. Don't think you can't do it, because you can. Just don't give up! Michelle


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