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Importing Costs from China to New Zealand and Australia

I’ve noticed a few posts on the SaleHoo forum recently about the high costs of importing wholesale goods from China to NZ and Australia. ‘Down-under’ is literally on the other side of the World from China, and it makes sense that Australasian importers are concerned. The main point I would like to make here – and I can’t emphasize this enough! – is don’t accept the shipping costs that you are quoted as fixed.

NZ and Australia don’t have bargaining cultures. We tend to assume that the price stated is The Price…and that’s it.But the same cannot be said for all countries, including China. I suggest that you negotiate the shipping costs with the wholesaler – just as you should negotiate the cost of the wholesale goods themselves.

How much the wholesaler will be willing to move on shipping costs will depend on the individual. Some wholesalers will have more room to negotiate than others, but most will be open to a little bartering.


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on 6:01 25 Jul
Good healthy information here. I too barter as much as possible and do get results, in the end I make more money. Try it! you might be surprised. Tracey
Ethan Murray on 20:45 18 Nov
I've dropshipper item's from china to aust and it hasn't cost me anythink.
Alex brown on 17:46 9 Jun
Hello! im looking at sarting a importing buisness from china to the islands,ive looked at a few whole sellers. But im after some infomation on shipping cost fees,but im looking at starting off with food. Can you help?? Thanks.
on 21:30 9 Jul
Thank you for the tip. God bless.
on 5:56 26 Aug
If time is not that critical, try using EMS as most wholesalers will have up to 60% off card rate.
Fred Hue on 7:52 7 May
How about the customs tax for importing goods from China to Australia? can you help to figure it out. Thanks in advance
Chris on 6:54 21 Aug
I have some comments. Want to know more informations importing from china, contact me through
Kally on 21:58 11 Feb
I want to import designer label products from China. What are the rules in customs at Melbourne?
Marion on 20:47 5 Jul
Apart from the shipping charges - are there any landing costs within NZ (I am brand new to this and just looking at two shipments)?
Ahmad Navid on 1:54 24 Sep
Great information Thanks dear admin.


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