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Is the eBay Seller Central Forum Any Good?

Online forums are meant to help share knowledge and allow people to gain valuable insight on specific topics and issues. They are also a venue for airing grievances and soliciting support from other forum participants. In other words, forums are tools for community building.

The eBay Seller Central forum is supposed to be a repository of experiences, a virtual “watering hole” where sellers can rally around and commune with each other. But does it do any such thing? Not a chance!

The eBay Seller Central forum is far too cluttered and unstructured as to be of any lasting value to its members. Search for anything specific can take hours, using up valuable time. And answers, when provided, tend to be incomplete, irrelevant, or just plain wrong. All too many members post aggressive or meaningless responses and the forum is only kept alive through the efforts of a handful of experienced and valuable members who do their best to dole out advice and soothe panicked newbies.  To make things worse, legitimate posts are interspersed with totally irrelevant entries.

What improvements should eBay make on the Sellers Central?

•    Assign experienced and credible powersellers to moderate the forums, and step in when threads start going off on a tangent.
•    Clean up the forums, taking out unrelated and irrelevant posts.
•    Assign experienced and credible members to immediately answer legitimate questions and concerns.
•    Provide more structure to the forum so that worthy and insightful posts aren’t buried within a matter of hours.  

What do you think? Do you use the Seller Central forums? Can you think of other ways they could be improved?



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