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A New SaleHoo Is Coming

Exciting news! Behind the scenes over the last 40 weeks or so, we have been building and refining a new and improved version of SaleHoo that will make finding the right suppliers faster and easier. 

We will be gradually rolling out the new version to small groups of users who will be among the first to test drive the new site. You could be randomly selected to see the new site any anytime.  Here's a quick run down of some of the major changes SaleHoo is undergoing. 

What we've done to make SaleHoo better for you

SaleHoo is now 400% faster than before which makes it easier for you to find the suppliers and the resources you need to boost your business. We also sharpened up our navigation so that now it's easier to find your way around our website and get everything you need. 

We noticed that around 25% of you access SaleHoo via mobile, so we've also optimized SaleHoo for mobile devices including iPhones, iPads and other smart phones and tablets. The website will be a lot easier for you to navigate when you're on the run!

We have dramatically improved our Wholesale Directory so that you can find the right suppliers faster and start making profitable sales sooner. Here's a sneak peak:

Your the boss around here - tell us what you think

As a SaleHoo user, you are the boss around here. Regardless of what our fancy website usability theory books tell us, we want the website to work for you so we would love to hear your thoughts. When you eventually get access, please use the red Feedback tab that's on the right hand side of every page to tell us what you think. 


Sharing your thoughts is easy with our simple to use form:

If you don't get access to the new site soon, don't worry, we will roll out the new SaleHoo to everyone soon enough (we haven't confirmed a date just yet). For now, we are keeping it gradual to ensure we have everything covered.

Got questions or feedback? We would love to hear from you, just leave a comment below. 


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Comments (6)

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Lace Llanora on 5:04 26 Mar
Loving the mobile version, congratulations on the new & improved site team SaleHoo! :)
Dana on 13:10 26 Mar
Hi Everyone, I've been a Salehoo member for years. I am also an Ebay seller (top rated) & first thing i went for when I started was the Salehoo suppliers section. When I typed in my category, I got results with so much more than I wanted. I tried to sift through, day after day, but gave up because I wasn't finding what I was looking for. This information about the Salehoo site is music to my ears. I am looking to build a brand along with my regular merchandise & would only trust Salehoo recommended suppliers. Can't wait to start!!! Dana
Patricia on 16:36 26 Mar
Thanks for keeping me informed.
Alice Delore on 21:20 26 Mar
@The Wholesale Forums UK

Thanks! We're pretty excited about the mobile version. We already have a free app on the iTunes store but it will be great to have the whole site optimized for everyone who visits via mobile.

For anyone interested, you can get our free app here:

@Dana, thanks for stopping by :) We've added more filters to the directory which will make it easier for you to drill down and find the suppliers that you want so you'll have less to sift through. Looking forward to hearing what you think when you get access!

@Patricia, no problem, let us know what you think when you get access.

I hope you all love the new site! We're super proud of it. It's been one of the most challenging but rewarding projects I've been part of in my four years working for SaleHoo :)
Panagiotis Katsiris on 14:55 29 Mar
Guys, is it me or the DIRECTORY page doesn't show nothing (I am accessing it from my laptop). Is it related to your latest updates? Correct me if I am wrong at some point but I cannot see the list of all suppliers in that screen. Did it move somewhere else?
Irene Vallejo on 0:14 1 Apr
Hi @Anonymous user, Kindly pm me your purchase/member details and I will check on your account. The directory is showing up fine. :)


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