eCommerce Blog / SaleHoo Seller Spotlight: October 2010

SaleHoo Seller Spotlight: October 2010

Today marks the first of our new series of monthly blog posts where we showcase you,  our faithful members,  by shining the spotlight on you and your business.

It's a great way to get to know other SaleHoo members and acknowledge the hard work that goes into running an online retail business.

This month we introduce Pat, a successful eBay Store owner and Amazon seller. Check out her profile below:

Name: Pat

Forum username:  Tall Patti

What items do you sell? 

Ladies' accessories (purses, lingerie, scarves and shawls), printer ink, coins, hammered aluminum, and books. 

I am also helping my parents downsize and I am selling many items for them.  Soon I hope to start selling for other individuals that want to downsize.  You never know what they will come up with for you to sell.  It keeps the creative juices flowing!

Where do you sell them?  

I sell books on Amazon through their fulfillment program, and all other items on eBay.

How long have you been a member of SaleHoo, and what do you like most about it? 

A couple of years.  The site is a goldmine of suppliers.  I like the feedback from other members, and the forum information.  Also, that the suppliers have been checked out for legitimacy and are easy to find on the site.

What one piece of advice do you have for other sellers? 

Find something you enjoy working with. Even if you know nothing about it, you will become an expert in time.

What was the biggest obstacle you've had to overcome in selling online? 

Information overload!

What's your favorite thing about making money from selling items online? 

When selling on eBay you can be so diversified, you work your own hours from your own home or office, and you can change products if you need to.  You can even be seasonal. 

When selling on Amazon, I LOVE books so it is a pleasure to work with them and the fulfillment program takes the work out of it while giving me more time to search for my books.

Check out Pat's eBay Store here:

Would you like to be featured on our SaleHoo Seller Spotlight?

I would love to hear from you!

You don't need to be a PowerSeller, or making millions of dollars to feature, just a keen SaleHoo member who is passionate about online retail.

To find out more about being featured, post a comment below, or email me


Comments (12)

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Pat Howell on 3:57 7 Oct
Thank you SaleHoo for allowing me to share my passion for selling online with your other members. Tall Patti
Dan Waggoner on 15:56 7 Oct
Good for you Pat....It's pretty cool being in control of your own destiny. I'm happy to see you doing so well.
Stew on 17:15 7 Oct
Glad to read about your successes Patti. It is apparent you have many diverse interests. I had a laugh reading about information overload. I think we all suffer from that these days...just being on the Internet. I was wondering if you found selling online to be an evolving process, or did you have a clear plan about what you wanted to accomplish? Best regards, Stew
george on 17:36 7 Oct
I want to be a power seller on ebay..
Neil Doran on 22:01 7 Oct
Congratulations Pat on being the first member featured in the SaleHoo Seller Spotlight. I agree with you about the information overload. Gee I get emails everyday about how to promote my site via SEO, paid-to-click, banner exchanges, traffic exchanges on how to get more traffic to my website. Apparently if I sign up to all of these in a month I could be living on easy street, oh yeah.
arnold on 23:59 7 Oct
Desafortunadamente no hablo ingles, mi idioma es el espanol pero estoy interesado en manejar el negocio en linea, con los productos de Sale Hoo, he traducido lo de patty y felicitaciones, le veo muy enfocado. English Translation: Unfortunately I do not speak English, my language is Spanish but I am interested in managing the business in line with the products of SaleHoo, I translated the patty and congratulations, you seem very focused.
twobsuccessful on 0:56 8 Oct
imformation overload I go to bed and my head is spinning and I think why do you do it but I just can't help my self and one day I hope it will all come to gether It keeps you young cheers Peter
Alice Delore on 1:50 8 Oct
Interesting to hear so many of you mention 'information overload'.

It certainly pays to master one aspect of online retail as you go and really try to narrow your focus. It can be a bit overwhelming trying to learn everything all at once!

As for all those offers you get for SEO services and traffic exchanges, etc - make sure do plenty of research into the company behind them first and go for reputable companies.

Tall Patti on 4:02 8 Oct
Stew.....I believe it is an evolving process. Just like one product is popular today and not next month. However, if you stick with a product that meets a need that requires a constant refresh you will do better in the long run. Example....printer ink needs to be replaced on a regular basis resulting in more sales.
Richelle Monfort on 4:21 8 Oct
@Tall Patti: I would have to agree. Although most people will not think of selling the ordinary day to day stuff thinking there would be little money in it. But that's where they're wrong! There is a lot of money to accumulate for such sales :) Btw, congrats! You deserve to have the spot light on you :)
victoria on 23:52 8 Oct
will they give you your money back if they make a mistake?
Richelle Monfort on 2:10 12 Oct
Hi Victoria, I'm sorry, but may I ask who you are referring to? Kindly clarify and we'd be glad to help you out. Cheers!


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