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SaleHoo, your global directory of wholesale distributors, has just launched an updated 2006 directory and resource area. SaleHoo’s member area now features new sourcing contacts for the latest products including the iPod, Xbox 360, PS3, and Nintendo Revolution, along with an exclusive range of resources to help people successfully import and resell wholesale goods. “We are very excited about the new resources now available to SaleHoo members,” says Simon Slade, Managing Director of SaleHoo. “SaleHoo values its subscribers very highly and we are committed to providing the very best information and advice to help them continue to build thriving and extremely lucrative importing businesses.” The updated member’s area is jammed-packed with essential tools for starting up a new business, including custom-built software for increased business efficiency. Members will also discover how to maximize their revenue with strategies for selling through a variety of online mediums. eBay sellers will be delighted to learn that SaleHoo has added a step by step, weekly eBay selling guide to their resources. This unique course takes sellers from the basics of mastering eBay through to advanced selling techniques that are sure to fast-track their success.

The SaleHoo private members forum has over 3000 registered users to date. Slade says: “The forum is a fantastic way for people to ask for and receive help on a vast array of topics. It’s also a great way of getting exclusive deals with suppliers! Although the forum is new, the response from members has been tremendous so far.” Those wanting to check out SaleHoo for themselves can get a taste of what’s on offer by subscribing to the free daily SaleHoo newsletter, packed with valuable information on importing wholesale goods.


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Steven on 9:50 22 May
Great information! And you're right about Ebay. I have always wondered how they can sell the same item I'm selling and for much less than what I can buy it for AND still make a profit! Not everyone uses Ebay. I own a restaurant and if I mention Ebay only about 1 out of 10 or 15 has access or uses Ebay. Most people I've talked to feel Ebay is too complicated and you can easily be ripped-off. I like the idea about advertising locally.
christine on 17:18 5 Jun
I never thought about it that way. I will have to give this a try and see if it works. In my experiences EBAY IS NOT ALL WHAT IT IS CRACKED UP TO BE. Thanks for the info I'm glad I joined this site!!


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