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Should I use an eBay About Me page?

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If you have a question for me, send an email to or leave a comment below.  This week Chad asks "Should I use an eBay About Me Page? If so, what should I include in it?"

Find out what I have to say below.


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Jay on 4:34 4 May
Most IMPORTANT about your Ebay about me page is that it IS the ONLY page that YOU CAN send your customers to your OUTSIDE stores or venues!This is important NOW since it is extremely hard for hobby sellers and small businesses to compete on Ebay.
Alice Delore on 21:04 4 May
Hmmm eBay does say quite plainly that promoting sales outside of eBay from an About Me page is not allowed.

See here:

Proceed with caution!
Melanie on 21:56 8 May
Alice - Recently I acquired many collectible items from a deceased relative. One relative involved with this process preferred starting sales on Atomic Mall rather than eBay. Do you have any thoughts on Atomic Mall? How about having on-line shops on multiple venues? I'd like to liquidate the storage unit of glass and porcelain items over the next year via on-line market place and all of this is completely new to me.
derrick davis on 23:34 13 May
One of Ebays MANY changes!
Christian on 17:31 16 May
How would i join this site because i love it so much
Alice Delore on 21:30 17 May
Hi Christian,

Great to have you here!

Joining is simple: Just go to and enter your name, email address and select a user name, then proceed to the checkout :)


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