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We love bringing you guys alternative platforms to sell on, so today, we will review, an easy-to-use market place with plenty to offer.

What is Silkfair?

In a nutshell, Silkfair is an online marketplace and online store hosting provider with a strong focus on handmade, one-off and unique products. It has funky categories like eco-friendly, vintage and personalized. Silkfair is a very user-friendly option with plenty of training tools and video demonstrations.

5 Quick Facts:

  1. Joining is free
  2. So is listing your items!
  3. The average time spent on the site is 12 minutes which is pretty damn good considering eBay's average is 13.5 minutes
  4. Silkfair lets you import your eBay listings
  5. Over 75% of users are based in America

What makes Silkfair different from other online selling platforms?

  • A unique way to showcase your products

With Silkfair, you can create your own customized and branded web shop called a Custom Shop which you can sell your items in, and at the same time, you can be selling your items in a marketplace-type environment with a Market Shop. This means Silkfair users are really getting the best of both worlds – you can attract traffic with your Market Shop and pull them into your own personal Custom Shop which showcases your entire range of products.

  • It's super user-friendly for both buyers and sellers.

It looks to me like they have spent a lot of time and money getting their CMS (content management system) down pat. This not only means that your buyers will be much more likely to spend more time clicking through your products and interacting with your store, it also means you will spend less time listing and managing items than you would with frustratingly slow and difficult-to-use software.

  • It has some useful and innovative functions...

Like a video application which you can use to showcase your product in glorious detail and a Color Browser which allows buyers to search for items with specific colors which gives buyers a more precise way of finding what they are looking for – great for brides looking for items to match their wedding colors or business owners looking for items that match their company branding.

What are Silkfair's fees?

Store Setup: Free for both Custom Shop and Market Shop

Listings: No fees

Final Sales Fee: 3% of per item price sold for either Market Shop or Custom Shop. Final sale fees is a percentage of the final selling price, not including sales tax nor shipping & handling.

Market Shop: No monthly shop subscription fee (every seller gets a Market Shop which appears in Silkfair Marketplace)

Custom Shop: $24.99/month for shop subscription (this is an optional opt-in feature for sellers, giving sellers the capability to customize and brand. There are various promos that goes on for this, and usually includes a risk-free trial offering.)

Silkfair downfalls

Low traffic.  You won't find many traffic jams here! As with all eBay alternatives, this site doesn't have the same traffic as eBay, so those who are expanding from eBay need to be aware that sales will be slower, which means that high volume, low profit items may not be the best way to go.

Buyers might have trouble finding the search bar on the homepage – it isn't very big!

All in all, Silkfair mightn't be the eBay alternative with the most traffic so far, but it does look set to be a major player in the future. 

Have you used Silkfair yet? Check it out and let us know what you think by commenting below. 


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Chris Reifenauer on 18:31 31 Jan
Not a problem with Silk Fair but a seller on Silk Fair. I ordered a product from Color Contacts on Monday and requested overnight shipping. Today is Thursday and haven't heard a single peep from them. Order is still in new status. Have sent about 7 messages to them through silk fair and still nothing. About to have to cancel my order as I needed it by tomorrow. Not a knock against Silk Fair but the specific seller Color Contacts...just terrible!
Jarrett S on 11:37 17 Oct
Color contacts has not contacted me or sent my order and we are on the 10th day. Pigeons deliver faster. I have messaged them about a dozen times and no response yet. It is silkfair's duty to have reputable sellers or sellers that will at least send the orders to their customers. Not sure if this is a silkfair issue but they certainly are not helping in any manner at the moment.


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