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With the continuous evolution of smartphone cameras, you'd think the market for digital cameras would be dead or long gone. But that's where many are mistaken—there is still a very viable market for digital cameras!

Why? Photography is no longer just a hobby; it has become an elusive industry which requires more stunning, high-quality images to capture cherished moments in the truest sense. This is where digital cameras come in.

According to Consumer Reports, digital camera makers are busy creating more intriguing cameras for 2017, giving everyone more reasons to invest and sell them! The labs also show very convincing numbers, so what are you waiting for? It's time to shoot for success with this week's niche. 

Join me as we dissect the market trends and learn how this product has developed into a highly viable niche, focusing on the following:

  1. Common varieties
  2. Market Research Lab statistics
  3. Top keywords for "digital cameras"
  4. Bonus tips

1. The 5 Best-Selling Digital Cameras on the Market

With tons of features and options to consider, not to mention the price, choosing which cameras to stock and sell in your stores is definitely a tough task. Good thing Amazon has a solid list of the most widely sought after digital cameras to help make this step a bit easier for you. Below are the top 5 and you check out the rest here.

  • Nikon Coolpix L340 20.2 MP Digital Camera with 28x Optical Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD (Black)
  • Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera
  • Nikon D3300 1532 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR II Auto Focus-S DX NIKKOR Zoom Lens 24.2 MP Digital SLR – Black 
  • Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70 16.1 MP Digital Camera with 60x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3-Inch LCD (Black)
  • Kodak PIXPRO Friendly Zoom FZ43 16 MP Digital Camera with 4X Optical Zoom and 2.7" LCD Screen (Black)

2. Why Sell Digital Cameras?

If you found a product you could resell with a sell rate between 77% and 100%, would you have second thoughts? I highly doubt it! This is how useful our Market Research Lab is! It helps us determine which niches are potentially profitable. Below, the key factors to consider when choosing your niche are applied to digital cameras.

Digital Camera Success Rate: Nikon COOLPIXDigital Camera Success Rate: Canon PowershotDigital Camera Success Rate: Sony W800

  • Solid Average Selling Price

Depending on the model and make of the digital camera you are listing, you certainly have room for profit! Just remember that for best profits you should purchase your products via wholesale or in bulk. That's the beauty of wholesale—the more you buy, the lower your unit cost goes. Be sure to set your margins to at least 510% after all listing fees have been deducted.

  • Low Competition

All three cameras shown above have low competition. If you're wondering why a low-competition market is a factor to consider when selling online, let me tell you this: Products found in a low-competition market tend to sell better, and that means you get to sell more! And we all know if you sell more, you also get to earn more $$$.

  • General Demand

You can't just sell a product with a solid average price in a low-competition market to make it online, you also need to make sure that your product is in demand.

A bit of research should tell you if the product has enough potential buyers. Are buyers actively in search of it? This is where keyword research comes in. If you have the right set of keywords, then Google and online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon will definitely drive traffic to your listing and/or store.

3. Top Keywords

To help us determine the right set of keywords to use for our listings, we refer to our very own AffiloTools Keyword Research tool. Below are some of the top-ranking keywords for digital cameras:


Keyword Research

Right at the top of the list is Canon with 246,000 searches, which indicates that many shoppers are looking for Canon digital cameras and products. That means you may want to consider listing some in your stores. Keyword research does not just show you the correct keywords to use for your listing, but can ultimately guide you in figuring out which brands, makes or accessories to stock and sell.

4. Bonus Tips

Photographers, both hobbyists and professionals, are always keen on getting the latest accessories for their cameras. You may opt to offer a bundled package consisting of a digital camera, lenses, a camera bag and a tripod, or you can offer certain lenses at a discounted price for specific digital camera purchases. Bundled packages and special discounts are a wonderful way of enticing shoppers and bringing in more sales!


Over to You!

We have nearly 30 suppliers of digital cameras and accessories that have been verified by our team as safe and legitimate. You can access them instantly here within our directory.

Let us know if you're selling digital cameras online and share your success story with us! Feel free to leave your comments below and let us know if we've missed something.

Disclaimer: The information published here is strictly for informational purposes. All above items are only suggestions for possible products which we believe will sell favorably, and this article should be used as a guide only. At the time of writing, all above products were researched using methods recommended by SaleHoo and found to be potentially profitable for sellers. All sellers are encouraged to conduct their own market and product research.


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