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Why do suppliers never respond to my emails?

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This week's question from Taylor: Why do suppliers never respond to my emails?



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j lyons on 17:01 28 Jun
I agree regarding the telephone call. If the supplier does respond or fill an order, forget that one.
Richard on 20:19 28 Jun
Alice is in such an echo chamber that I cannot understand more than an occasional word. She seems to be in a back alley, a gang hangout. Can*t you get her someplace with a decent sound environment?
Richelle Monfort on 22:30 28 Jun
Hi Richard, Thank you for your feedback. It does sound just the way you described it. I'll pass along your comments to our 'Ask Alice' team so avoid such in our coming videos. Cheers! :)
Harry on 19:02 29 Jun
The key here is getting her close to the microphone. A lapel mic will do the trick. Too many people record these videos on a computer microphone. You have to be very close to that microphone to avoid the "echo chamber" effect.
Richelle Monfort on 23:21 29 Jun
Thanks for the tip, Harry! It is well appreciated :)
Bluejay on 8:48 30 Jun
If she is just talking in the video, could it be a text on blog? It's just hard for me to catch her words because of her accent not technical issue.
Richelle Monfort on 6:00 1 Jul
@Bluejay: Thanks for your comment :) The 'Ask Alice' videos is a new part of our new series on SaleHoo Youtube Channel. Sorry we don't have any text form of the videos being posted. But I will gladly pass along the suggestion to our Admin. If you have any questions or need help with anything else please feel free to email us at Cheers!


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