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Why you should be using Auctiva’s Scrolling Gallery

Auctiva offers a suite of FREE on-line tools and services that help sellers manage their eBay listings. Their Scrolling Gallery is a tool that attaches to your eBay listing, and allows prospective buyers to view your other items – at absolutely no cost to you.

The Scrolling Gallery is fully customizable, and allows you to display up to 14 items at a time. It automatically favors items that are ending nearest the time of the product the prospect is currently viewing.

In a nutshell, Auctiva’s Scrolling Gallery maximizes your products’ exposure while avoiding the costs you would normally incur from enhancing your eBay listings by adding more product photos.

Let’s say a buyer is browsing one of your bag listings. While doing so they spot your Auctiva gallery and notice you also offer a matching purse. There’s a good chance they will end up purchasing both the bag and the purse, increasing your profit substantially, and increasing their satisfaction!

In a different scenario: the buyer may realize the bag isn’t quite what they are looking for. Just as they are about to click away, they spot another bag scrolling by in your Auctiva gallery, which they love! They click through and buy. Instead of losing a visitor to a competitor, you’ve managed to keep the sale for yourself!

To get the scrolling gallery started on your auction listing, you’ll need to sign up with the Auctiva website. Don’t worry, it’s all absolutely free. Once registered, click on the “Store” tab, and follow the easy instructions.

To help you maximize the benefits of the Scrolling Gallery (as well as the other eBay tools they offer), Auctiva provides an Education section on its website. Here you can find help and instructions on how to set up and use the Scrolling Gallery, as well as numerous stories of how different people used Auctiva’s tools to succeed on eBay.



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