Disappointed because I can't find a dropshipper on Salehoo

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18 Aug 08 12:45:23 pm
I am gil from israel
i thought about joining salehoo for finding a dropshipper so i can
sell on EBAY .
I realy tried ... but i just can't find a dropshipper that i can profit from.

I am VERY sorry i am saing it...but i'm disappointed from joinning to SALEHOO

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18 Aug 08 07:04:42 pm
Its not that easy, you have just joined, you need lot of reading reading reading. and research to find out a dropshipper and a product to sell. it takes lot of time.

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15 Dec 08 03:19:38 am
What type of products are you looking to sell? Then we can give you some links to have a look at.

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view

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14 Apr 09 05:01:40 am
Most of the dropshippers on this site are middlemen. I know this because I have been doing alot of research on this, trying to find the right dropshipper to do business with. And again, this is a very difficult task. Out of all the dropshippers here on Salehoo, there are only two out of hundreds that are actually real companies. Anyone who knows anything about this business knows that any kind of a real legitimate business in wholesaleing will ask their customer for a tax I.D.

If your supplier does not ask for this, then you are simply dealing with the infamous middlemen. To be able to make a buck on ebay, you will have to find the legitimate wholesalers like DBL Distributing. These guys charge about $75.00 to set up your account. But, here is the catch with these guys. They do not like when people sell on Ebay. This company wants you to either take stock, or sell on your own website.

There is not but just a very few here on Salehoo that are legitimate in their business dealings with members. Like I said before, most are middlemen. Anyway, if they do not ask for your tax i.d and or your tax certificate, you probably need to stay away from them.

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14 Apr 09 09:51:33 am
JaimeLF is right about most dropshippers being middlemen , however, that doesn't stop you making a buck. If you do your research on the products you want to sell and work out your margins and costs you can still make a buck without being uncompetitive. I do on Ebay and I'm no genius ,I try to make $40 - $60 profit per item after all costs and I still have room to move with pricing. My overheads are extremely low and $40 - $60 clear profit per sale for me is a nice little bonus but this is not the case for everyone.

gilsapir86 you haven't mentioned what line of products you would like to sell but there are many options available here on Salehoo even if there are middlemen. If you can afford it wholesale is the way to go but this suits established sellers who have a bit of a bank roll behind them, in my case I started with peanuts and am slowly bettering my financial position purely from dropshipping.. It can be done depending on your personal circumstances.

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15 Apr 09 07:43:27 pm
Just to note not all legitimate companies require you to use a tax ID. But for the most. There is about a 1% chance you will find the real supplier over all the middlemen. Dropshipping while very popular and profitable 10 Years ago has literally been burned up by media and every other company trying to make a buck on dropshipping.

This is by far the most unreliable way to make money online. Most people that try dropshipping lose money. Lots of money. And the rest dont scrape up much income from it.

The media still makes it seem that this is the most profitable way to make money online. It hasnt been the case in several years. Most companies like ebay do everything they can to get rid of drop ship sellers because these sellers give ebay a bad name because the majority cannot supply the stock that they sell because the cheezy dropshipper runs out of stock.

Now there are people that do well. But its very few and very hard to find and establish.

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28 May 09 02:56:05 am
The problem is, dropshipping is the uneducated answer to prayers. Where else can you have someone telling you that for no money at all (and no knowledge at all) you can advertise their products and rake in big bucks on ebay?

I've been studying this area for a couple of months and it's obvious to me....dropshipping benefits the dropshipper only with lures of easy money for little work and a small monthly investment to their private members only club!

I've just started visiting the forum and it's sad how many people are simply looking for dropshippers.

Folks, the reality is....if you want to start a business marketing products online or anywhere you have to educate yourself and get away from the lazy, hypnotizing effects of the concept of making loads of cash for no work on your part aka dropshipping.

The people running these sites aren't stupid and neither should you be. They know how to grab your attention, particularly those that are new to the concept of online marketing but all you have to do is research enough products that they advertise to dropship and stop looking at what they tell you it 'should' sell for retail because suggested retail and final ebay pricing are as different as night and day.

Every dropship site I have visited shows me a wholesale price and a suggested retail price and you know what...it doesn't mean squat as far as online auctions are concerned.

Please folks....explore all avenues before you attempt to place all your eggs in the dropshipping basket.


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