Does Dropshipping eliminate customs fees?

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13 Mar 07 04:07:05 am
am I correct in thinking that the pros of dropshipping are it eliminates customs and import fees? as you just work as the middleman so to speak

I am from New Zealand and customs fees are high even for small orders so I was wondering if this is the answer.

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13 Mar 07 10:02:12 pm
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21 Mar 07 01:49:57 am
lol eddhewett...
way to promote your own company

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3 Apr 07 08:00:52 pm
hey eddhewett.. i was wondering if your company does charge customs and importing fees? Ive dealt with one that said they would take care of it but they sucked and i was wondering if you did.

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4 Apr 07 05:32:41 pm
doesnt natter what your role is in the selling process. If you bring an item into the country you must pay duties and taxes. Sure you may circumvent the system for a short period but it will catch ya and put you out of business. Government always wins

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19 May 07 07:24:11 am
I like dropshipping cause it saves alot of money on extra cost and time to re-ship and also no worries with overhead cost like a warehouse.

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20 May 07 06:07:29 am
I like dropshipping cause it saves alot of money on extra cost and time to re-ship and also no worries with overhead cost like a warehouse.

Time saved, Inventory not in stock, Have to contact winning bidder and tell them you dont have thier item. Lost final value fees, Headache of relisting or trying to relist said item. Or find another item to replace it.

There are many corners in a house unused. If you were making enough money you could afford to store products. And if you had items sotred and purchased in bulk you could sell much much more and at a much more profitable price. .

Everyone thinks dropshipping is a way to make great money but those same people are always thinking in the back of thier mind. 'I hope they have this when I sell it'

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