Dropshipping questions - Is it profitable?

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24 Jan 07 06:43:22 pm
I just joined Salehoo. I was wondering - can I please have some opinions on dropshipping. Is it worth it? Profitable? What is the best way to go about getting started here? I have a full time job and three kids so please don't make it too complicated :roll:

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27 Jan 07 04:44:32 pm
Dropshipping is good for some and not so good for others. It just depends on finding a good dropshipper and what you are wanting to sell. You said you have 3 kids so dropshipping may be a perfect fit for you. It is very simple. You simply list your product for sale at the price you desire. Once someone buys your item you will go to your dropshippers website and purchase the item you just sold at the dropshippers price and pay for shipping. The money left over is your profit. Once again your profit margin will all depend on what your selling, the price your selling it for, your dropshipper, and any fees. The only downside I have seen with dropshipping is out of stocks and sometimes slow shipping.


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