Are there any true wholesalers on SaleHoo?

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12 May 08 02:29:53 am
Hi everyone,

I've joined Salehoo and have searched through the lists of suppliers extensively. I have checked out many suppliers, their sites, and the prices they have to offer for many items. After a little research on eBay, I've found absolutely none of these 'suppliers' are even close to what the prices on eBay are at. The best price I have found from any of these 'suppliers' is usually anywhere from $6.00 to $80.00 more than everything on eBay. That means nothing is profitable. I know that these sites are not the real wholesalers; they are the middle man. I would just like to know, are there any wholesalers on salehoo that aren't going to charge retail price (or more) for products that they advertise as '20% lower than wholesale price!' etc. Otherwise, this site is a waste of time and money...


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12 May 08 02:49:16 am
Actually the Majority of the sites Are Wholesalers. The problem is Your trying to Compare Wholesale Prices with a Auction Company where Most of the Items Sell way Below Wholesale as much as 30% Below Wholesale.

Wholesale By Known Averages:

Dvd's And Video Games are about 5% Below Retail.
Electronics Is generally about 10% Below Retail.
Household Goods are 20% to 40% Below Retail.
Basic Clothing Is Generally 40% Below Retail. (mostly Chinese Imports)
Designer Clothing is Generally 15% - 20% Below retail.

Many people have misconceptions about the difference between retail and Wholesale believing that a real wholesale price is 50% or more below the retail price and that retailers are making tons on money on every item they sell. This is not even remotely true. Most retailers profit about 1% to 10% on the items they sell. But they sell in extreme volume. So the money adds up to billions for them pretty quickly.

Also many people believe that these big powersellers on ebay that sell 15,000 items a month in electronics are all millionaires. This is so far untrue that its really sad. Most of these sellers do lucky to make $1.00 to $4.00 per item. After expenses. And they generally make about $3,000 to $5,000 in profit a month after their overhead. That is a massive amount of work for the amount of auctions they have to close, the amount of people they have to deal with.

If your trying to sell on ebay . I would suggest buying in Bulk. Most bulk purchases you can get products well enough below wholesale that you can make a decent profit on the item. We have many sellers here that are bulk sellers. They buy items in bulk then resell them for profits and almost all of them are doing well. I buy items by the truckload myself. I can get designer items for as little as a few dollars and resell them for 300% profits. Even on FeeBay.

I have personally never given much thought to the wholesalers list. My only interest would be in the Liquidators.

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12 May 08 03:51:47 am
feebay, I like that one.Why is everyone always wanting to sell on e-bay? It is easy to get ripped off on e-bay is why I dont purchase much from there. I prefer a private website or amazon for my purchases due to the fact most website owners are striving for repeat business and they value you as a customer.When I want to buy something I go to someone Ive dealt with before even if I have to pay a little more. Shopping on the web for me is for the convience of not having to go out to the malls and stores. Usually I can find what I want faster and cheaper than at a retail storeTo me e-bay is just for bargain hunters


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