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4 May 09 10:30:39 pm
I get my share of PM's, and I am always happy to assist with any information where I can, but what is really getting up my nose is when someone asks me for information, I spend my time to reply and then they never even take the time to open their inbox to read it!


If you are waiting to be notified that you have messages waiting in your inbox, it doesn't happen!

I currently have 36 messages showing in my outbox, they are replies to messages that have not yet been read.

If you are going to ask any member, any question relating to anything, then please check your inbox when you login for their response. In fact it may just be an idea to check your inbox to see if anyone is trying to contact you for any reason.

So, if you have messaged me within the last 3 months and have not received a response.........CHECK YOUR INBOX, because I am about to start deleting all the unread replies to make some space, and I'm dammed if I am going to waste my time responding if you send me the same question again!

Mark (fudjj)

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4 May 09 11:43:03 pm
just had to get this off my chest, for all to see i hope!!!! i bought into salehoo about 3 years ago, and have found its a complete waste of time and money. its never updated, same suppliers today as 3 years ago. the search tool is a joke!!!! enter a product and get every thing under the sun. and what about the forums , how in the hell do you post something. also salehoo promotes dhgate wich is the biggest scam site online. and as for jimmyboys wholesale lots , run,run,run, if yoy buy a pallet you might get it 7 months later. in short salehoo should be salewhore!

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5 May 09 04:12:57 am
Hi Dreamcatcher,

We are sorry to hear that you're not enjoying SaleHoo so far.

Actually, SaleHoo is updated all the time, you just have to search beyond the first couple of pages of results as the newer suppliers without reviews will be at the bottom of the results.

To start a new thread (make a new post), click on the category that best fits the topic you are going to post about, such as Starting out Importing, and then click on the New Topic button at the top left. Enter a short title for your post in the subject line and put your question/comment in the large box. When you are ready to post, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Submit. If you wish to view what your post will look like before submitting, click Preview.

DHgate is a directory of suppliers and unfortunately, there are a few suppliers listed who aren't very professional. But - don't panic! We retain DHgate in our directory because they will ALWAYS resolve any disputes and will refund your money should you be unable to reach a satisfactory resolution. Because of this, and because the majority of DHgate suppliers ARE legitimate and provide excellent service, we think it's worth keeping DHGate in our directory. You can read our full report on DHGate here:

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