4th of July


Best place to locate updated pallet loads?

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30 Jun 08 04:20:48 pm
Jimmys new lists seem to show on the forum long before the website.in fact the links dont work..is there a specific thread i can find them under. the last i could locate was my 27th. Im looking for something in particular in a certain price range but haven't found a load that meets my criteria so im trying to keep an eye out.

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1 Jul 08 07:09:54 am
I think hes working on a big oversea container load. Everything else seems to be suspended right now.


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3 Jul 08 02:09:48 am
I think he just ordered a new load:

jimmy_salehoo 02/07/2008 03:08

Ok folks I have chosen the pallets left for the newest load. And will order it tomorrow. Our contact was not in today so we have to wait until she gets back to place an order. I have cleared enough space to get in 9 pallets of products. Which is not easy as the sporting goods load is filling up my whole warehouse.

This next load will have
Small Electronics

I will of course put at least 4 categories into each order.
Right now our packs are selling like hotcakes and I doubt this load will last more then a few days after we get it in. So get your order in as soon as you can if your waiting on this load to arrive.

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6 Jul 08 04:21:16 pm
is thier a website adress for the pallet and of skids, big boxes of merchandise. i was looking at one yesterday but did not bookark it

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6 Jul 08 05:49:54 pm
Hi folks. I will try and get a new list up for you later this evening or tomorrow afternoon. Im into alot Pyrotechnic shows this year for the 4th of july weekend. I started learning how to shoot professional shows last year and since I got my Explosives license ive been contracted for 7 shows just in July. We have done 4 shows back to back with the last show ending tonight. Its alot of work for a 19 min show. Takes about 12-15 hours to setup and wire a whole show.

I have also been busy trying to get a larger project going for an international company that ordered 52 pallets of sporting goods that I have to individually break down and manifest before I can release it to them, and keep my own pack sales going as well so its crunch time with all the things I have going on at once.

I will try my best to get a new pallet list up for you in the next 24 hours. Thanks :D

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7 Jul 08 02:59:23 am
Fireworks work on top of all the websites too...can i have your energy and drive please lol Im having trouble keeping 3 websites and family going!

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7 Jul 08 04:19:21 am
Lol I just drink alot of Frappuchinos and sleep very little. I used to do consumer shows with family before the laws got too strict on the amount of space you need to shoot. We lost our ability to do consumer shows and I had to find a way to curb my fireworks bug. So I went to my Cousin who has been doing shows for 24 years professionally and asked him to mentor me..

Its very hard work. Sitting in the sun all day hauling 100+ pound racks into position, then loading tubes and wiring up the shells to a firing board.
The pay sucks. You don't get paid much. Its good for a days work but you wont make a living on it unless you do hundreds of shows a year.

But there is nothing in the world better then hearing the audience roar after you have shot the finale. Makes all the work you do worth it.

We took some videos from On the barge as we are only about 8 feet away from the Racks. We have a video of just the Tubes shooting off and a video of the actual show from below it. The videos turned out great and I will have my brother edit them for high definition and we will upload them for Members of salehoo to see how much actually goes into a show from the Piro-Technicians view.

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