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Does size realy matter

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23 Jan 13 02:57:04 am
recently decided to pay a guy 50 cents per ebay listing, told him where the wholesaler is that I go through and pick what he wants to list.

Well, after 1000 items and making between 10-15 sales per day, I think he did well

yes he did stuff up on a few like, item location and shipping.

but, he listed stuff I would not have, but the things he listed are selling.

Looking good, he wants to keep going but I am a bit scared of all the work.

I wish I could get a some email program that recognises the sale, orders it from my wholesaler and enters the address and all, fully auto.

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23 Jan 13 08:34:45 am
Hi there TopSales, as a newby I am curious as to what you get out of it or does the guy do all the work and only get 50c per listing.
If he is selling 10-15 items per day he must be listing roughly the same amount. Are they pretty much the same item as I doubt if could photograph and list that many in a day if they were all different.
Regret I cannot suggest any solution to your dilemma. Do please explain your title and its relationship to your post. It went over my head.
This is my first post so I would like to say hi to everyone.

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23 Jan 13 01:46:14 pm
As size I mean, number of listings, he does not do the selling, I do the selling, I make a tidy profit on most of my listings, some I lose a bit, yes, he gets paid to do the listing and thats it.

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24 Jan 13 05:47:47 am

50c per listing !!!!, how old is he 10, i would not list items for a puny 50c each.
Hey but if its working thats great, might need to throw him some work, although i like to put a bit of effort into my listings with HTML pics ect, without going overboard, non of these flashing lights and bright lary text.
Have on the odd occasion listed items that would have thought of no use, yet surprised when they sell rather well. It is a bit like a retail shop just fill it with everything and anything and someone will buy them, as they say something for everybody.


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