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ebay listings?!?!

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25 Jul 08 11:53:28 am
HI . just want it to ask something when doing listings ??

When doing the listings in eBay is it worth always add more categories or is not necessary??

is it better if you add extra categories to the listing?? or just go to the point ?

thanks ! :)

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25 Jul 08 10:46:38 pm
I always just the the best catagory for the item. Why pay twice the amount of fees for only selling one item?

If you are not sure about which catagory to sell in, then browse through the catagories that you are interested in selling and see if any like items are selling and then choose the one that is selling that item the most...

Also if you have more than one item that you are planning on selling then do some test listings to see which catagory that the item sells best in and then start listing your item in that catagory.

Just my opinion, as I know that some folks list in multiple catagories, but that can really cut down on your profit margins as you still have to pay the listing fees for every catagory that you list the item in....

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25 Jul 08 10:51:47 pm
I would only list in multiple categories if I had an items that was worth alot of money. I would recommend yo just watched listings that have already closed.

Watch the ones that sold for the highest price and see what category they were listed in. Some categories get more hits then others. So its best to just see what others are selling the items for.

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26 Jul 08 03:12:04 am
It depends. I have listed in multiple categories on several occasions. Mostly when I am doing collectible type auctions and where I am not sure exactly where to put them.

I had a vintage photo of a famous kennel club owner holding three dogs in her hands. I listed it in photos and dogs.

It sold for 99.00 bucks. Wasn't sure if it helped but it didn't hurt.

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