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Now you can add a cover video to your Facebook page. In this article we look at 10 examples of great cover videos, and share all the practical tips you need to take advantage of this new format for your brand.

Gone are the days of photographs and taglines. RIP, truly, because I personally enjoy the puzzling together of short, sweet, punchy and powerful words with brevity and wit. But the reality is that while this type of advertising successfully served its time and purpose, it’s glory days are gone and video content has taken over.

Rightfully so, because video marketing gives brands and businesses the opportunity to provide consumers with something that even the most clever of printed slogans can not: visual and audio stimulation, making advertisements more engaging, stimulating, personable, and memorable than ever before.

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Just a foot note to this blog.

You don't need a full scale Hollywood blockbuster production video to promote your brand or image, you don't even need a video camera. Options like stick figure videos, white board videos and typography videos can be very inexpensive options for people to use, but options that can still create impact when done well.

It's all about engaging with your customers, creating buzz, making sure they not only remember your brand, but if you're creative enough with your video, may even go and chat about it to their friends. It's not about selling products, it's about brand building. Build an effective brand that engages with customers and the benefit of that effort will usually be that sales will then follow.

If anyone does get on-board with this marketing technique, post a link to your header video here so everyone can see it and maybe get inspired to also do one themselves.

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