Finding a competitive price on health and beauty products

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16 Mar 14 09:42:39 pm
Hi, I have had a look at the wholesale suppliers for health & beauty products.
I am after high branded makeup brands such as; estee lauder, clinique, clarins, elizabeth arden, Lancome etc.
when i see their price list, it's so disappointing that there is no room for profit?
They might as well advertise as discount retailers rather than wholesale suppliers or liquidators.
I was really looking forward to finding bargains and wholesale lots to re sell on ebay.
It's a shame that the prices leave no room for profit?
If any one has any recommendations please I will be most grateful

Many Thanks

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17 Mar 14 02:14:33 am
Hello and welcome meralcaybakan :)

There is a simple explanation for this: Wholesalers don't often list their bulk prices on their website. You will need to login or contact the wholesalers to view prices. Wholesalers do this to protect retailers like you.

It's so worth spending 5 minutes to sign up with wholesalers (or email then directly) and see how much the items are at different order volumes.

Try that and let me know how it goes. If you need help finding more suppliers, just let me know and I will run a search for you.

All the best!


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20 Mar 14 03:14:34 am
Liquidation is generally the way to go for HBA, you can generally find a variety of offers at all the major liquidation sites. It will include the high end brands, but with the downside that you don't control the inventory.

You have to bear in mind that almost all major cosmetics brands (like most other major name brands) have very well-established (and often tightly-controlled) distribution channels, and that buying wholesale in the traditional sense is not possible for the small operator. Liquidation has its drawbacks, but as far as pricing and variety, it's almost always the best way to go for HBA.


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