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7 Dec 14 02:33:41 am
With the massive interest around the world in dropshipping, especially on sites such as eBay, it's getting harder and harder to find unique suppliers and products to market. Now one market where I personally think some great opportunities can be found is the designer market, and I'm not just talking about clothes.

I'm talking about everything, jewellery, home decor, whatever, the world is full of creative little souls making some seriously cool and innovative creations across the board, and yet strangely enough, most don't use platforms like eBay to market their products. Now I'm not going to go into the reasons why, that's not the point, the point is that creates opportunity.

Tale a look at this little site for example Link hidden: Login to view, now I am in NO way recommending them as a supplier, no back grounds checks have been done and they do not list themselves as a wholesaler or dropshipper, however if you read through their shipping policies it seems quite clear that with a small amount of encouragement from an enterprising marketer, a dropship arrangement could easily be agreed on.

Now they may not have products you want to market, again, not the point. The point is I just typed designer decor into Google and this site come up in the results so I took a quick look, in fact plenty came up, but you can do your own search to see other results. The internet is this massive supply chain, yet so many have such a narrow focus that they spend their time tripping over each other trying to sell the same stupid products from the same suppliers on the same sites!

Come on people, rise and shine, I keep saying ... POINT OF DIFFERENCE!!!!!

Separate yourself from the pack, get creative and start thinking outside the box and you can create endless opportunities for yourself. A product doesn't have to be cheap to sell, you have to get out of that mind set. It only has to be cheap if the competition forces it to be. In designer land, funky innovative products are heavily sought by buyers all over the world and their uniquness usually means that competition is low.

Your job?

Join the dots and reap the rewards that opportunities like this offer!!!

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