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29 Dec 06 08:28:10 am
I am trying to start my own business on ebay or elsewhere. Therefore I signed up for Salehoo, well I have yet to see a good website that allows for any pofits on ebay. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a beginner not wanting to put alot of money up front. Thanks.


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29 Dec 06 11:19:46 am
Hello msturg29, Welcome to Salehoo.

As you have quickly noticed its very hard to find wholesale sources to begin selling on ebay and competing in a large arena of sellers that have already established themselves. The main cause is that most items on ebay sell for below wholesale prices. And the same wholesellers that are willing to sell to you sell on ebay as well. The reason these sellers are selling on ebay is to move thier product quickly. But by offering thier items wholesale to buyers like yourself they make more profit selling to you then they would on ebay itself.

If you want to start small and build yourself up the best thing to do is buy closeout and liquidation products. That way you can aquire more for alot less then wholesale prices. Some really good liquidation items unfortunately sell by the truckload. So you will have to set your sights a tad lower and build yourself up.

Start by going onto ebay and search in any field. At the end of your search string add the words ' LOT ' or 'LOTS' . You can find many items in bulk this way to get started with. And you can usually get these items in large volume for 20% of its wholesale value.

I myself started using this tactic and started buying alot of lots from ebay and turning in some small but decent profits.

Other things you can do is sign up for Link hidden: Login to view and aquire liquidated merchandise from them and resell them on ebay or even in your local newspapers.

Newspapers are still a popular way for consumers to get items they want and they will normally pay close to retail for those items if you offer them cheaper then retail. I have personally made several thousand dollars just using newspaper advertising in my area.
And currently have about 6 ads running in the paper right now. Selling things from Dvd Players, Digital cameras and Gamming Computer's I build, to the average joe looking in the paper for a deal.

Good luck and if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask us here in the forums or Private messages.

Remember not everyone uses ebay.

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