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Helpful tips: how you can avoid being scammed

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3 Mar 16 03:27:18 am
The internet and the whole online world can be a bit dangerous so many who plan to sell online never actually get to sell anything in fear of being scammed!

Yes online scammers do exist and there are tons of them these days eagerly waiting for their next victim.

So how do you avoid getting scammed online? Here are helpful tips to help you stir clear from these greedy scammers -

#1 Visit the link below. It is designed to help inform people of scamming techniques, tricks and methods scammers use to get your money. Please take a look, have a read and give some input to help make this a safer place for all!

Link hidden: Login to view

#2 Do a bit of detective work yourself. Due diligence always goes a long way. Check for the following before actually considering to do business with any person/supplier/company:

* Website details, like the site age (the site should ideally be at least 2 years old), a working landline number (Ring them to check. Calling is also a faster way to get support), a valid postal address and a domain based email address - professional sellers will and should have a domain based email address to match their current domain.
* Always pay via safe payment methods such as: Link hidden: Login to view, Link hidden: Login to view, Credit Cards and COD. Some big manufacturers will require payment to be made via a Link hidden: Login to view. AVOID at all cost payments via wire/bank transfers and Western Union - there is absolutely no way for you to get your money back once sent!
* When buying brandname products always ask the supplier/seller for a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY or other documentation to prove that the product you are buying is authentic and is being sold by an approved reseller/distributor.
* Do a quick but thorough background check of your supplier/seller. Almost anything (or probably everything) can be found on the internet so a quick check of your supplier’s reputation will go a long way. If a supplier has been involved in any scamming activity, for sure you will find at least one negative review online. You can search online by keying in “supplier name” + “scam”. You can also check the Better Business Bureau.
* Check the supplier’s return/refund policy. It is often best that you familiarize yourself with this before making your first transaction.

#3 Always remember that AUTHENTIC Brandname products and a Chinese supplier never go together. They just can’t, so best to stay away from any Chinese sellers selling you “authentic” Apple products “authentic” LV or Prada bags and other high-end brandnames. In this same scenario the line “If it looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t…” applies quite aptly.

#4 Make a test purchase before going all the way. This way you can check the product’s quality, the length of time for your order to arrive and the type customer service the supplier has to offer.

#5 Although not 100% fool proof, it is best to stay away from suppliers located in specific regions like Eastern Europe and Africa. I am NOT saying that they are all scammers its just that major scam activity have been documented from these regions.

And to be fair to the honest and trustworthy Chinese suppliers out there, not all of them are scammers. There are many Chinese suppliers who are really great to work with - you just need to weed them out first.

#6 Consider joining directory sites like Link hidden: Login to view - where the all the dirty work has been done for you :) Where suppliers have been pre-screened to be safe and legitimate. (Yes! you will find some of our listed suppliers on Google, yet when you find them on Google there is no assurance that they are safe and legitimate).

Hope this helps you land better and safer suppliers.

Please feel free to add your tips and let us help each other succeed as online entrepreneurs!

Cheers :)


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