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How to choose the right doggie bowl

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5 Aug 16 05:19:02 am
Do you really know how to choose a bowl (Link hidden: Login to view)for your dogs?

Did you ever just feed your dog nutritious food and didn’t mind the feeder that your dog use? If you did, you have made a mistake.

In fact, a suitable bowl can make your feeding more convenient and scientific .

Then ,how do you choose a bowl for your dog. We should take the dog’s size, age, appetite and race into consideration.

1.A baby dog’s bowl
You should choose stable bowls, because baby dogs are so naughty that they usually play with their bowl. Second choosing the smaller ones for the small dog eat little. Then choose a relative bigger bowl as they growing up. A stainless bowl that has rubber bottom is the best.

2.A greedy dog’s bowl
If you have a greedy dog that eats a lot and can’t control itself. You may choose a bowl that let food slowly flee out making the dog eat slower and less.

3.An aged dog’s bowl
Aged dogs are always obsessed with pain in the joint of their legs or cervical spine. So it is considerable to let them eat standing. Buy your dog a tall bowl as a nice owner.

4.As a busy owner
If you are a busy man that do not have time to feed your dog, the automatic bowl is designed for you. It ensures that the dog can eat at any time. But I suggest you making time to feed by yourself.

5.When you take your dog for a travel
The traveling bowl can store much food. It is very convenient.

6.Fashionable dog bowl
If you want to dress your dog as a fashionable one, spend some time on your dog bowl. The variety china bowls can satisfy your demand.

Finally , keep the dog bowl cleaning otherwise the dog may get ill. Buy a new one after the bowl broken instead of gummed up with glue.

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