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I am lost: What should I sell on eBay?

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9 Apr 10 11:42:56 pm
I have no idea where I am headed, not sure what to do now, I have a mere 7 items listed on ebay at this minute, I tried clothing but did not sell, I am trying china electronics but thats like real slow at selling.

Not sure hat to do now, any ideas, any quick fix that will sell like real quick?

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10 Apr 10 06:23:17 am
Welcome along AustGarageSales

Clothing is actually a pretty good choice for a first item to sell - but it does depend on what type of clothing it is. Vintage, chain store, department store, and designer items tend to sell best.

May I ask what you tried selling?

When you sell clothing it's really important you have some great photos and use a mannequin if you can, as people like to be able to see what the clothing looks like on a form, so they can more easily imagine wearing it themselves.

You also need to make sure your description contains all the essential sizing and color details so people can check whether it fits.

Apart from clothing, just selling a few things from around the house is a really good way to ease yourself into the online selling process, and see what things you enjoy selling :)


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10 Apr 10 09:35:06 am
I don't think you can beat grabbing a couple of hundred and hitting some local garage sales personally.

Garage sales can be an absolute gold mine if you know how to spot a good deal, and the ability to talk up a good deal will get you even further. That's how I got started years ago, and if I had the time I would still be sourcing from garage sales to be honest, they are a seriously undervalued resource for ebay products!

Mark (fudjj)

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11 Apr 10 11:31:33 pm
Hi AustGarageSales,

Just a few posts and articles that you might be interested in reading:

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All the best!

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