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Merchant payment gateway options

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1 Jan 17 09:58:03 pm
For those looking for a flexible payment gateway provider for their website, you can check out check out ZipPay. Not 100% sure, but I think this is only currently available to Australian merchants, but you can of course double check that with them directly if you wish..

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It's essentially a credit line for your customers, they don't need to have a credit card or cash upfront to make the purchase. So having that type of option available for customers is a good way to encourage purchases. You. the merchant, takes no risk. ZipPay process your payments daily, then your customer pays them, as per their agreement when setting up the account with them.

PayPal as a comparison on small volume merchants caries a transactional fee of 2.6% + 30 cents. Zip Pay is 4% + 15 cents per transaction for low volume traders, better numbers are available for higher volume traders, as with PayPal. So, on numbers alone Zip Pay is a more expensive option for the merchant, but you have to balance that against how much business providing your customers with that type of credit line payment option will benefit your sales bottom line to give you an over all perspective.

For my money, what's the issue in testing it out to get some base data to draw some conclusions on. There is no merchant set-up fees, quite hassle free in have it incorporated into your cart. So you can always offer it as an option as part of your over all suite of payment options for your customers to select from and then see how the customers react to it and if it's generating enough sales to cover the extra out-of-pocket you have on the transactions.

Check them out if you're interested, much more detail on their website, but well worth considering I think because no matter what it is, customers love to have it now and then worry about paying for it later!

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