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8 Aug 07 11:17:27 pm
search terms in google dropship
Huge Wholesale Directory
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this is not correct this is a gathering site and if you google it up all off the sellers are most of them are in the same google keyword
so you sign up here and finding products from other sellers which are in google.
when i joined the site i thought this was a dropship like in the googleadsense so if you have some sellers with product to sell LOWER then eaby prices the same product i would be wery glad too see it

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9 Aug 07 08:03:10 am
Im not sure what your stating. Yes we are a Database supplier of links to wholesale,liquidation,closeout,and dropshipping sites. We compile all the current sites along with older sites. We review them, Check them out, and monitor them to make sure they are not scamming members of salehoo. This is a service and there is a fee to that kind of service. And yes you can find alot of the same sites using google. But not all of them are listed on google. Some are listed in trade publications and frequest local and state trade shows. And also we check these companies out to see if they are legitimate and dont scam people by having salehoo staffmembers review these companies and do secret test buys to see if they deliver. This is just one of many of the services your membership fee pays for.It also includes the information you can gain on the forums or the auction inspector programs and the research an analysis labs.

If you are looking for a specific supplier then you must at least give us a hint to what kinds of products you are wishing to sell. Its also best to run those ideas through our product research pages and see if those items are even worth selling.

If your trying to base ebays selling prices to a wholesalers selling prices then you will be disapointed because ebay is a wholesalers marketplace. Almost everything sells below wholesale there. You would be better off searching for closeouts and liquidation suppliers selling bulk products for only a percentage of its wholesale value.

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9 Aug 07 01:07:22 pm
SaleHoo does have many dropshippers listed in the database, but as said above, you're not going to make money using dropshippers on ebay unless you find niche products that are not over saturated.


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