Supplier won’t give me photos until website is live

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1 Sep 18 01:57:08 pm
I communicated with a supplier that has some of the products I would like to sell on the ecommerce site I’m creating. My site is under construction. I obviously need to fill it with products before I can go live. This supplier wants me to notify them AFTER my site is functional and live before they give me their photos, pricing etc. Mind you I already gave them my resale certificate number and my website url which clearly shows the website is legitimate.
I asked again for the information I need to continue creating my website. If they refuse, I will not be contacting them again after it is up and running.
I also saw some suppliers that if you don’t place an order with them, via dropshipping, within 90 days they will close your account.
It takes time to create an online presence. I would like nothing more than to place an order everyday. Closing the account guarantees no sale. Why put that pressure on the retailers? How does it hurt their business by waiting?

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3 Sep 18 04:20:29 am
Hi Norma,

You will find suppliers all have their own requirements when it comes to opening accounts, especially with Drop-shipping. Some even seemingly almost going out of their way to make it difficult to do business with them. Of course, they will say they have their reasons for having such restrictions in place and they are the supplier and, of course, entitled to have whatever restrictions they deem required in place. However, the final power always rests with Drop-shipper themselves as to if they decide to follow the restrictions set in place or choose to deal with someone they feel is a much better fit for their business.

From what you have written, it sounds like you have made the right call in your case. The focus is all on the supplier themselves and no consideration if being given to your circumstance whatsoever.

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