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The importance of 'Follow up Customer Service'

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21 Apr 17 11:26:55 pm
Many sellers believe that good customer service ends at the close of the transaction itself, others see it through to where the item has arrived and customer is happy, but good customer service often goes far beyond that point.

Follow up Customer Service is how you build good relationships with customers and encourage repeat business, which can be the life blood of a business. If you have a business where your sales are made of of 100% one time customers, then you have problems long term, because needing to find a new customer for every sale is a very, very difficult scenario to pull off.

Developing repeat business is super important in any business, whether selling products or providing a service, you need those repeat customers to ease the strain of trying to convert a steady stream of one time customers constantly.

Follow up Customer Service is something no serious seller should ever overlook. It is important for your business if you plan on being around for a while. So if that's an area of your business that you are ignoring and wondering why you're not getting repeat customers, you may want to work on improving that aspect and start developing that repeat business to make it easier on yourself. .

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