What are good products to sell in eBay?

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13 Mar 11 01:54:37 am
Hey how is everyone doing? My name is Dee I'm new to SaleHoo. This is a great site i see a lot of things i like and well that's the problem. I can't seem to find anything to sell. I'm not sure what would be good to sell i really don't care what it is I'm just trying to make some extra cash. I'm on a budget so a dropshipper would be great for me really can't afford to go and spend hundreds of dollars on wholesale item's. I'm not looking to get rich i would just like to make some extra cash for me and my family. Right now times are hard for me and my family my wife is the only one working right now. So i started looking around the house for things to sell on ebay and it went pretty well and then i started looking around online for good dropshippers and then i found this site Salehoo. So started looking online and reading reviews found a lot of good thing's about this site so i said why not I'll give it a shot. But I'm having some trouble i really don't know where to start or what i should pick to sell. If anyone out there could just maybe give me a few idea's of good things to sell maybe sites they used before. Also maybe some good tips of what to do or not to do i would be so grateful.

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13 Mar 11 03:56:35 am
Drop shipping is a good solution if one finds a good supplier. There are three here on Salehoo, I know of, that one can use and make some small profits. Anywhere from a .50 cents to 5$. If you want to PM me I will tell you which ones. There may be others but these are ones I researched. I don't mean to be secretive about it, but when everyone jumps on then no one makes a profit and well, they are right in the directory, so they can be found.

I use one I found on my own which ships within two days and the product is good and profitable. I'm not making a killing but doing alright. I've probably sold about 30 items so far with great results. The point I am making is you could start with the Co's here and then do your own research which is what I did.

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13 Mar 11 08:59:36 pm
Hi dnice1227, and welcome to SaleHoo

Planes has given you some great advice there.

It's all about research, research and them even more research. You have to research your market, research the product against your market and then research suppliers for those products to see if there in an opportunity within the market.

There is no real secret to success in this industry, it's pretty much like any business. The more effort you put in, the more benefit you will usually get out.

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13 Mar 11 10:49:30 pm
Hi dnice1227,

Welcome to SaleHoo, nice to have you with us!

Planes and fudjj are two of the most experienced members we have here on SaleHoo and when they give advise you should take it. I've learned a lot from them too :)

I think you will also find the tips given by Alice quite helpful - Link hidden: Login to view

All the best! And if you need help with anything please don't hesitate to let us know :)


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19 Mar 11 11:53:51 am
I'm partial to buying the lots or pallets. But if I'm really hard up for money, I hit the consignment sales really hard. I charge a 30% all inclusive commission so I can beat all the other brick and mortar consignment places in my area.

I post my ads on Craigslist and Facebook. I also put up flyers at the grocery stores, coffee shops, and other local businesses. Also colleges. I'll even stop by my Mom's quilting club meeting to spread my word. Just make sure everyone knows why they should use your service versus doing it themselves.

A couple weeks of doing that and I've got enough cabbage to go buy my own lot or pallet.

Heck, if you're not looking to make a whole ton of money, the consignment thing might be a great avenue to explore. Build your brand in your existing network of friends and family, and before you know it everyone knows you as the go-to guy for ebay.

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