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What is the importance of a dog kennel?

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Why our dogs need a dog kennel(Link hidden: Login to view)?

The importance of using a dog kennel and what should we mind.

Many dog owners don’t like to put their dog into a kennel, because they think it is a restrict to their dogs’ freedom. It is not obviously right. The dog kennels have many advantages.

The advantages of using dog kennels

The dog kennel will give dogs a safe place to live. The dog will also feel safe when in it .

2.Easy to clean
It’s difficult to clean the ordure if the dog excrete it everywhere. It will easy to clean when the dog in cages. Living in a cage

3.A dog kennel makes dog docile
If you have a dog-dislike visitor, kenneling the dog not only makes your friend comfortable but also avoid the dog barking all the time and make the dog docile.

How to choose a suitable dog kennel

Firstly, taking the size of you dog into consideration, choose a cage one or two times bigger than your dog. If you are feeding a baby dog , choose a kennel according to it’s adult-size.

Secondly, the kennels are mostly made of chain-link or welded wire. If your dog is small choosing the chain link kennel is suitable, but if you have a large-sized dog choosing the welded wire kennel is safe.

Thirdly, choose a dog kennel whose construction is easy to clean the ordure.

More things should mind
1.Don’t kennel your dog for a long time, for your dog will feel lonely. Play with your dog frequently, and they will grow up healthily.
2.Put the cage in the right places. In the daytime, place the cage in yard or sitting room where the dog can access easily. At night , putting the cage in your bed room especially near you bed which makes your dog feel safely.
3.The dog kennel is a special room for dog , so prevent children from playing with the cage.

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