Why are sales so slow, any ideas?

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19 Jun 14 01:21:06 pm
I am so tired of eBay rising fees & the changes coming this August 2014, for sellers. I have tried selling on Bonanza way to slow. I also thought about opening a store here on Salehoo, but am to scared of the unknown I drop ship & really love that way of selling online. Also, any updates on why eBay & every other site it seems if you (Google forums....ie..Esty...Bonanza...all it seems selling sites) Are not doing well with selling at all, way slow.

What gives & it's not just the fact of the seasons, not by what others are posting on these forums. Something is up. Also, just to throw this into the mix, I made Power Seller on eBay just yesterday June 17th, 2014 & I'm being honest here, I cannot figure out why? Seriously, I think eBay is handing that title out to keep what average sellers they can & continue charging them high fees ..... You know, to make us feel good, its not working!

Thank you for reading this in advance any feedback I'd much appreciate!


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19 Jun 14 08:20:20 pm
What product genre are you in and what market do you sell in Bree?

You don't seem to think that it's related to you in particular, but send through a link to one of your items if you like and we can certainly take a look at that and maybe make some suggestions for you to consider.

In regards to Power Seller, you're not alone. I used to be a legit Power Seller years ago when I was heavily into online sales, but cut right back after a few years and lost the status of course. I maintained a few small accounts, just to keep my hand in as a bit of a hobby and then out of no where made Power Seller on one of those accounts without hitting the criteria required.

Sales were steady on the account, but it wasn't performing well enough to make Power Seller, yet it did .... for one month anyway lol. No idea what happens to be honest, maybe it's just a glitch in their system. Mind you, it won't hurt your sales lol, it's an added little bit of free marketing for you!

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23 Jun 14 04:15:52 am
Hello Wendy,

Here are some our general tips for getting more sales:

1. Work on your product photos.

Good pictures convert to more sales. And statistics show that the more pictures you have, the higher the selling price. If you are selling clothing, consider getting a mannequin. For other items, purchase a photo tent. This is an easy way to get a clean, professional background for your photos. Buyers will always choose a professional picture over an amateur one.

2. Make sure your item description provides LOTS of detail.

Buyers like to learn as much as possible about the item before they buy. The best sellers on eBay have lengthy product descriptions to ensure the buyer isn't left with questions that might prevent them from bidding.

3. If your feedback isn't skyhigh, then work on it.

eBay buries sellers with low feedback ratings in the search listings, so less people are going to see your items for sale. The best way to get your feedback up fast? List as many items as you can and consider having a sale (either reducing the item price or offering free shipping). Even if you lose a bit of money now, you'll reap the benefits in the long term when your feedback is higher and your listings more visible.

4. Try offering faster shipping.

Ship the DAY payment is received if possible. Buyers have high expectations and getting their item delivered in record time leaves a great impression.

These tips may sound simple, but we see SO many people neglecting these things in their listings, it's just not funny. Nothing turns a buyer off like a grainy, dark photograph or a single-sentence product description.

I hope this helps and please make sure that you heed Marc's advice so we can go ahead and provide you feedback on your site and product.

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26 Mar 15 12:56:44 am
Hello Wendy,

You could also try going through your database history and generate a list of past and existing customers. Call or send them emails and pitch in new product upgrades or offer the same services for them. For past customers, try to stretch out surveys on how to improve your products/services. It can really help you on that matter on how to improve your business. Try generating much publicity as possible. Find a freelancer to do a write-up about your products/services and post it online. Share the post on social networking sites. It can help you boost your market even in the littlest way.

Slow economy isn't just affecting you. You can't keep on waiting for customers to buy your products. It's really up to you on how to lure your customers back and how to gain new ones as well.


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