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Word of the Week: Manufacturers

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As a newbie, the whole process of selling online is all too unfamiliar yet alone some terms or words. Words may be too technical to comprehend or too jargon - does not ring a bell at all! Word of the Week will be updated regularly to help us understand these words more or refresh our knowledge. It's time to broaden our vocabulary! :)

Word of the Week: Manufacturers

Manufacturers is a commercial entity that produce their own goods/products. Their production structure involves converting raw materials/ingredients into finished products. They would then sell these in large quantities to wholesalers, retailers, and occasionally to end-users.

Due to their large scale operations and production, manufacturers cost per unit is undeniably low. That is why, they can pass the savings to their bulk buyers and this is often called "wholesale price". Basically, the advantage of ordering from manufacturers is the big discount however, this entails a huge capital investment to qualify for bulk purchases (i.e. pallets, container loads, etc).

Now, if you have the financial capability and potential bulk buyers, you can find some wholesalers in the Link hidden: Login to view. Below are a few worth checking:

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