Bid on 60 xbox 360s

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6 May 06 02:45:50 am
There is a bid on 60 Xbox 360s on eBay (Australia) and guess how much people are bidding!

Xbox 360 premium plus 300 games.

The BID IS $6000

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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7 May 06 04:09:33 am
Do you have the link for the auction? If it is legitmate im sure they will go for much more than this.

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9 May 06 02:16:12 am
the auction finished 2 days ago, but i think the bid was near 10 grand

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12 May 06 02:52:12 am
Dont bid on the ebay auctions for lots of xbox 360 they are all fradulent and all ask for wester union payments. there are on ebay auctions all the time. Rarely you will se one that accepts paypal but they are also fradulent. Who will sell 30 xbox 360 for 3000? it doesnt make sense because they could make way more money than that. i know this because i tried to negociate with them but they all want wester union and in one auction i bid, but ebay send me an email that said that the auction was a fradulent and that it was under investigation.

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21 May 06 05:06:43 am
if it sounds to good to be true......SCAM!! :shock:

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22 May 06 12:19:06 am
There is no such thing as a free lunch. If something looks too good to be true, then it probably is. Look at what the cost per unit is of a bulk deal like that and if it is unfeasibly low, then steer well clear!

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