How can I make money off of SaleHoo?

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18 Nov 07 09:09:10 pm
Quite frankly I was looking at all the sites and most of the stuff is more expensive than eBay or stores so I don't get how can I make money off this?

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18 Nov 07 10:36:05 pm
Well I'm a relative newbie myself. As far as I can tell, it's all about bulk buying and negotiating good discounts.

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19 Nov 07 02:57:14 am
What are you looking to sell? Try starting off with small items with a low unit cost such as cellphone faceplates, iPod accessories - or anything else of a small size and low value. This will enable you to order in bulk, even if you don't have that much money to spend. January is also a great time to buy up stock off eBay while everyone else is on holiday and other sellers/stores are trying to make way for new stock.
Liquidation and clearance sites are also a good way for new sellers to start as prices are well below wholesale and often even below cost.


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19 Nov 07 04:58:34 pm
Try Link hidden: Login to view they have small lots.

J Baca
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24 Nov 07 08:12:59 pm
Hi, I have just joined salehoo today. I purchased salehoo to find wholesale suppliers for video games. So far almost all of them I have seen before I got salehoo. Am I missing something here? The ones I looked at want you to join for a fee. I already paid a fee to join salehoo. I don't need to or want to give money to someone else to get not so wholesale prices. I have looked at a few sites and the prices are more than what I could buy from on ebay. PLEASE someone tell me that I am doing something wrong. I have been selling video games on ebay for over a year now and it's just been nickle and dime. Please HELP. Thanks, Mark

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25 Nov 07 12:22:24 am
try Link hidden: Login to view they have video games

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25 Nov 07 01:17:42 am

The thing I've found most useful about Salehoo is the forums. Everyone is so helpful. It's worth joining just for them :-).


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27 Nov 07 11:01:02 pm
agree with Kat66a, anything you are feeling unclear and need to seek some help, Salehoo would be my first place to go. I don't think I ever look at their suppliers that registered on the web that much but the forums really give me more confidence. Plus people here are really really helpful and willing to share their experiences. I think that is the main purpose for salehoo trying to help ppl interact among themselves as to get information in helping you make a better decision.


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28 Nov 07 03:50:12 am
I have looked at a few sites and the prices are more than what I could buy from on ebay. PLEASE someone tell me that I am doing something wrong.

Just a phrase on this quote strikes a cue to what we tell many members. When your searching for wholesale on DVD movies and Video Games the wholesale price is only a few dollars below retail. The money in this area comes from volume sales only. High volume sellers can sell for $2.00 profit but if thier selling 3,000 a month they are doing very well for themselves.

The best places to buy games are through liquidations. When companies only have a few items left and they clear them out for new products. You can generally find these items for way below wholesale.

Also you have to remember that when your quoting ebays prices with a wholesalers prices your balancing a wholesalers price on a wholesale marketplace.

I sell $200-$400 items on ebay daily for 50 Bucks and less. Way below wholesale. The only way I profit is because I paid pennys on the wholesale dollar for the items by buying into large liquidation lots.

Link hidden: Login to view by SaleHoo
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9 Dec 07 04:22:58 am
Hi Jimmy, Is there any way to find out if their is a liquidation or clearance' sale?

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9 Dec 07 04:39:26 am
salehoo is very useful, found a lot of great info in the forums. :)

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18 Dec 07 09:09:43 pm
You need to buy in order to do this you need money, and most of the time a lot of it. If you really want to profit big, you need to buy big. Takes money to make money, it sucks I know...but thats what banks are

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9 Feb 08 03:27:44 pm
interesting.. what a productive forum ^_^

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12 Feb 08 09:25:10 am
Quite frankly I was looking at all the sites and most of the stuff is more expensive then ebay or stores so i dont get how can i make money off this?

Well, you could start your own online store and drive traffic to it or start a boutique store!!!

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