Wire transfers - can they be non-legit?

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23 Sep 07 07:45:38 pm

About wire transfers - I had an e-bayer pay me through that and my money cleared my bank and I haven't shipped yet but I haven't heard anything back from the buyer (in Romania). I heard that balances simply 'disappear' if the transfer was not legit? Is that possible? I already moved it from my 'temporary' saving account to PAYPAL and it went through.....I haven't heard from him for 2 weeks (I raised the shipping cost).....



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23 Sep 07 11:09:21 pm
Depends on the laws where the transfer originated, and to a lesser extent where it was received. If it's from the US it can go poof out of your account for months after the fact.

It's certainly no safer in your PP account than a bank account.

BTW, welcome to the forum and please learn about the concept of 'cross-posting' and how it runs many people completely crazy when they see it done indiscriminately.


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